A question has been asked about your emotions. May of you are experiencing unnecessary difficulties at this time with this exact issue. Please allow us to ease this difficulty for you. Here is the question:




What kind of role does emotion play in this experience, are there certain ones we should avoid or are they all part of the learning experience?”




Now, let us begin by stating that your emotions are nothing but signals. What are they signals of, you ask. They are showing you exactly how far you differ from the knowing of your true self or, indeed, how closely aligned you are to it.




Is the emotion in question making you feel good or bad? Now, forget all of the judgmental ideas about whether that emotion is, in itself, good or bad. It is neither. It is the result of a reaction to a stimulus, external or internal. Many times you call those triggers.




So if the emotion itself is only an indicator, what might you do with it? Well, if you like the emotion, you would probably decide to react in the same manner more often. And the chemicals that it generates in your body would be very healthy. If it does NOT feel good, the chemicals, over long periods, can result in a decline in health. You would be better served not to react in that way, or to remove yourself from those stimuli.




You have also learned that some emotions are ‘bad’. Anger, for instance, is seen as bad. Anger, generally is the outward urge to protect, which means that a stimulus is covering a fear of some kind. Now, is it bad to protect? Of course not. But is this a rational fear? Or is it a projection into the present of a past experience? Is it an assumption of knowing the intent of another that might very possibly be incorrect?




Further, is the anger not really just a reaction from the personality but a very deep reaction to having one’s dignity demeaned?




In any case, one must decide, when experiencing these, how you prefer to react. Forgiveness for the less enjoyable emotions would be a great place to begin. But in forgiving, do not neglect forgiving self for having the emotion in the first place.




Then there are very understandable emotions that are not so enjoyable that are simply understandable reactions to events, such as grief. Is it wrong to feel these? Again we say, of course not. Now, you may be feeling intensely the loss of a loved one. And you may well learn later that only the physical presence was lost. But that does not make the emotion wrong. It may be very difficult to understand, but one of the wonderful benefits of physical life as a human is the ability to feel these things.




So, what we are saying is that you might want to see your emotions as a sort of guidance system. They can help you to keep yourself on the trajectory that you prefer to be on. Mostly, we urge you not to judge yourself because of them. See them for what they can be and make good use of that.




Good day.




通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan





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