Greetings dearest ones! I AM St. Germaine, I am your beloved brother and friend, I am your family, here and now and forever by your side. I come to share my Violet Flame of Transmutation with you, and to intensify its power, and to increase its effectiveness, for many of you are going deeper and deeper into the shadows of yourselves and of the human collective.




We have been talking about cleansing and purifying for quite some time, haven’t we? And yet, there remain parts of your sweet selves that you have avoided looking at, out of fear that there is something that you might find that is highly unforgivable or unacceptable. And therefore, I am here to say to thee that there is nothing that bad, or that horrific, that you might have planned to experience, eons ago, as part of your learning curve in the world of separation, that you do not have the ability to look at now and forgive and love unconditionally.


我们谈论清理和净化有段时间了,是不是?但,你甜蜜自我的一些部分你依旧回避,出于恐惧 --- 你可能会发现高度不可原谅或不可接受的东西。因此,我前来告诉你,没什么你恒久前为自己计划来体验的糟糕或可怕的事物,作为你在分离世界中学习曲线的一部分,是你现在无法看向并宽恕和无条件爱的


Postponing or altogether avoiding looking at yourselves will just make it more difficult further along the way because the intensity of your fear will be increased exponentially by resisting it, or attempting to push it under the rug, or under the bed, for it is only a memory reflecting a part of your sweet self.


推迟或完全回避去看向自己会让它更加地困难,因为你恐惧的强度会因为抵抗它或试图把它塞到地毯下 / 床底下乘以指数地增长,因为它只是对你甜蜜自我一部分的一个记忆的反射


This is why I am saying to thee that I am here by your side increasing the flow of the Violet Flame flowing to you and through you, to enable you to reach deeper and transmute those energies faster, as well as any associated others such as dense and heavy guilt or lack of self- worth. Let go, dearest hearts, for even if you do not understand it at this time, all these events and memories that you are finding buried so deeply in your unconscious self have been planned, and they do have a great purpose.




The original intention was to shine the light on what is horrible and unacceptable, to assist the human collective to see the wrongness of all of these negative experiences that had only one goal…to gain more power over others and to enslave and diminish the human spirit of many.




You were not meant to get caught into the guilt and the feelings of being unforgivable and damned forever just because you chose a few of the negative spectra of duality experiences necessary to take you deep into the human collective darkness. You went there to anchor and keep alive the light shining on the ones that have been committing these kinds of crimes with the intention of self-gain, of being cruel, and of holding everyone in enslavement.




There is an element of humility that had to be planted and developed in here, after knowing some of the trepidations and fears of living in the darkness and lacking love, even if only temporarily, as well as that compassionate feeling for the one who is showing the light by leading with it.




Most of you are getting a few glimpses of what I am talking about, but only in the dream state or during deep meditations. Do not take any of them personally, and do not overreact and overthink. They are only meant to be pieces of information and clues pointing to the sector or area you are currently working on. By no means are they indications of your going astray, or going in the wrong direction.




Choose to be in service and in the light, and let go of all the lower emotions such as self-judgment and doubt in your dear brave selves. There is much that we have to be grateful for and celebrate, and we would suggest to you that having you at the forefront of the Council of Love fills our hearts with pride! Let’s keep our spirits up!




Cheers for you dearest brave ones! Let’s fill our glasses with the amethyst champagne. Cheers… you are all doing magnificent work!


干杯,挚爱的勇敢的一们!让紫色的香槟喷满我们的眼镜。干杯 ... 你们都做着辉煌的工作!


通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan



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