原创 2018-02-17 大角星人 新纪元扬升之光

The Arcturian Council via Morag O’Brian, February 14th, 2018


The Light The Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again



Gaia is creation. She is symbolic of allworlds, all solar systems, galaxies, multi verses in time space. She evolvedfrom first to third dimension and now she moves beyond. Her path is nodifferent from the smallest amoeba living on her. We all have come from creationand are part of creation. This is why we are all creators. To understand thisis to leap beyond the third dimension. We watch and we see humanity pull theveils down exposing their enemies hidden in plain sight. We view you from aboveand we watch and wait to see how far below you will go.




We are here to guide humanity, one of manyinterstellar groups invested in the Great Shift. Gaia has reached an impasse.She is catching her breath. Her system is recalibrating and yet she mustcontinue to sustain multiple injuries day after day. She strives to stay inlove yet her hurts bring her down, mired in open sores pain and poison. We theCouncil offer eternal love to Gaia in her endeavours. We see anger, frustrationand fear in the hearts of humanity. We are deeply saddened by the depths ofdepravity sustained. Among our kind there is turmoil as to complicity due toinactivity. We understand this empathises with how many humans are feeling. Tosee and not see what is hidden in plain sight.




There is detail, layers, depth to the human experience we had forgotten.The spectrum of emotive energetic responses humanity has evolved over thecenturies has taken us aback. Many of us are increasingly convinced of angelicearth seeding. The rumours in religion of fallen angels, of angelic realms andangelic intervention support this supposition. We see sparks of devilry andangelic beauty throughout humanity. The end points of the scale where the headeats the tail. Spiral worlds.




We wish toshare with those who hear us. We are not directly of your kin. We are from avery long time ago in Gaia’s history. We have been creators for many eons. Weunderstood the quantum logistics of the Great Shift Gaia prophesies. We wereunaware of the depth of her connection to humans or their destructive path.Others have been integrated with Gaia. We have some detachment. We see turmoil.We see a war of positive and negative frequencies. We underestimated thedestruction the reptilian overlords had wreaked.




There is agreat change coming. A fundamental shift in economic power. A plan is wellunderway to secure the safer future of earth citizens. The enemy within hasbeen identified and the clean up has begun. The cabal elite are squirming intheir nests. Fear riddles them like cancer. Their machines, puppets, clones ofcapitalism, malfunction in higher vibratory fields. Their dark magic servesonly to mire them in the hellfire they have created. Their escape routesthwarted by superior technology. As each bastion of control ripples, crumbles,implodes under scrutiny, new systems will be established of transparency andcompassion.




Theevolution of consciousness is heart chakra activation. When all information isprocessed as energetic readings through the heart, the ego is no longer in thedriving seat. There is no map, no ancient scripture, no instruction manual forplanetary quantum leap. Forgotten on the edges of the universe, a Petri dish oforganic potential, Earth and humans have evolved despite invasion andholographic lockdown. This alone is impressive. To observe the shift from afront row seat, if you like, has left us reeling in astonishment. We, who areancient and wise and infinite are humbled by such grace, dignity, passion andcollectivity.




We aretrying to convey empathy with your situation. We understand and we feel yourpain. We offer you our humble service as protectors, guides and ascended beingsof light. Our hopes and dreams are yours. We wish each of you love in your endeavoursto revolutionise your world. The world is magical, we are eager for more ofhumanity to understand this. Our time is your time. And the time is now. Weoffer ourselves as guardians of Gaia to the safe transition of humanity tohigher wavelengths of dimensionality. We pledge our allegiance to Gaia and herpeople. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve. In love, in light, in joy andin hope.






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