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Selamat Jalwa (Be in righteousness) All is as before.While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forwarddynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal.Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. As our Earth alliescontinue to carry out the next stage of our ever-evolving strategies, victoryis assured. These plans of action are immensely complex and include a myriad ofvariables. Remember that this is a global undertaking. We recognize that the timeto dismantle the current power structure is taking its toll on your patience.We ask for your continued perseverance and trust while these joint timetablesare in process. They will manifest in right divine time. Be confident andgracefully accept that the time approaches for your blessings to begin. Beprepared to use the prosperity promised you to fulfill all your dreams.


Selamat Jalwa! (Be in righteousness) 天狼星语,处在公正中。所有都像之前一样。在黑暗阴谋集团仍固执于其惯常的自傲自大的自我的同时,我们在动态地推进着,协助我们的地球盟友遥遥领先阴谋集团。黑暗阴谋集团的日子屈指可数了,它们痛苦地意识到这一点。随着我们地球盟友继续实施我们不断衍进策略的下一步,胜利得到保证了。这些行动计划十分复杂,并包括无数的变量。请记住,这是一个全球的事业。我们认识到拆解当前权力结构所花费的时间正在消耗你们的耐心。在这些联合时间表在执行的过程中,我们请求你们持续坚持不懈并保持信任。他们会在恰当的神圣时间显化。请保持自信并优雅地接受时间正接近你们祝福开始的时间。请准备好承诺给你们的繁荣来实现你们所有的梦想。


   The entireprocess of altering this planetary society has become much more complicatedthan first expected. Your world was initially conceived by the Anunnaki as arealm utterly convinced of the invincibility of those in power. Thus, thepresent crew of minions saw themselves as Beings capable of overcoming whatevermight reduce or end their hold on power. A contemptuous set of core beliefs wasdeeply etched into humanity's psyche. One of many reasons we have had suchdifficulty in supporting our partners in the Light was the very persistence ofthese insane conceptions. But now, day by day, these beliefs are receding asHeaven beams bursts of positive and consciousness-raising energies athumankind. We have watched as our earthly partners triumphantly transformedthis negative ideology while launching a succession of major arrests among thisglobal gaggle of sycophants. The intent of this operation is to ensure thatprosperity will lead directly into GESARA for your long-suffering world. Stepby inevitable step, this is indeed becoming the case!




   As you viewyour planet, you observe how these changes are taking place. The real truth isthat this world of yours can no longer function as it previously has. A glaringand desperate need for change is everywhere. The water crisis is one of themost obvious. Most of your world lacks a totally safe water supply. Resourcesto provide it are there yet are unavailable, owing to politics and supposedexpense. Blessings are to be bestowed, empowering you to use these funds tosolve this monstrous humanitarian crisis. This is one of many infrastructureproblems to be resolved: many others, such as roads, bridges, and restoringwar-torn countries, require compassion, courage and cutting-edge thinking. Weknow that a great many people are standing by, eager to demonstrate thesolutions needed for success. It is a matter of providing a solid foundationfor all by producing enough food to end starvation forever.




   Surfacechanges are also affecting the inner realms of Mother Earth. Even the centralSun, the crystal core of your planet, is heating up. This increase of energy isin preparation for Gaia's coming move into full consciousness. Thesealterations to the Earth's crystalline core are reflected in ecological changesoccurring in many parts of Inner Earth: these are being addressed by itsGoverning Council and the people of Agartha. They decided to increase thefrequency of their rituals and send to Gaia's surface specialized teams ofscientists who could propose more felicitous solutions. Your Agarthansupporters and your sacred secret associates are alert and equipped to begin asequence of events that are to result in triumph for the Light. Heaven blessesall who support Gaia's transformation; and all who have worked tirelessly inestablishing a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworkedworldwide currencies and, most of all, a global network of common law. Thesevarious frameworks are now interlocked in place to transform and enLighten yourdark and distorted reality. Never allow all the previous delays to diminish anddispirit your vision of a new and sacred realm for all humanity. Finalcelebrations are coming into view! Hallelujah!!




   Namaste! Weare your Ascended Masters! We arrive with great blessings! We watch as each ofyou grow in consciousness and gracefully use your new skills to help move theprocess forward toward your ultimate freedom. Now you are to observe as manyunknown to you rise and, in unison, assist Gaia and this "globalvillage" in which you reside to transform and co-create a marvelous newreality. This is the reality that is to welcome your greater family. Alwaysremember that this is all a divine blessing. We thank those of courage andmagnificent abilities who have made it possible. We also thank each one of you,who has long held this vision and unleashed your bounteous energies to be addedto all that we do.




   Thisundertaking has taken several millennia to develop. You, and your progeny, areto joyfully savor its most delectable fruit. Be ever grateful to Heaven andready to praise all those who have journeyed from afar to assist you in thissacred cause. As Masters, we deeply bless this task and are fully aware thatthis momentous change is to be sublimely peaceful. It is to be the dawn of agreater shift, signaling the end of cabal rule. You are to be introduced toclean and transparent governance! This is a new era of rebirth andunsurpassable joy at how Heaven is transforming your reality.




   Vibrantspiritual energies will be available to alter your existing reality and prepareyou for your crystal Light chambers. Their special living Light is to return toyou what the Atlanteans stole. You are to expand this large assembly of Mastersand complete the work begun long ago in ancient Lemuria. You are to witness therebirth of this solar star nation and use your superior new powers to greatlyintensify the meditations and prayers that we perform each day in support ofGaia and her sister worlds. Our Sun contains a mighty Spirit that welcomes youin joy to this new realm. The darkness under which you have lived has served apurpose. You are to use its acquired wisdom, much as we have, to transmit thepower of the Light to all corners of the Universe. As beings in divine service,we joyously await what Heaven so desires. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!




   Today, wemoved forward with our messages about what is unfolding all around you. Yourreality is shifting, preparing itself to be transformed by the Light. In thecourse of this process you are being readied to meet your spiritual and spacefamilies. You will then be able to become fully conscious Beings of Light!Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity ofHeaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for BeOne! and Be in Joy!)


今天我们继续了我们有关在你们世界上正在发生的事情的消息。你们的现实正在转变,做好准备来受到光的转化。在这个过程最后弄个,你们会被准备好遇见你们的灵性家人和空间家人。然后你们会能够变成光之全意识存有。亲爱的人们,请在你们心中知晓天堂永久和无限的富足的确是你们的!诚心所愿!Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!(天狼星语,欢庆!成为一!处于喜悦中!)






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