Greetings dear friends and fellow travelers of the light. We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to explain to you what some of you may be feeling in relation to the geomagnetic storms that are inundating your lovely planet Gaia, with light energy bursts.




Many of you have had fevers and unexplained fatigue. This is to be expected and celebrated, for it is a normal part of this process of inter dimensional cellular expansion and personal growth. Do not be concerned. Do not be afraid. We are here as healers and guides when invited on behalf of serving Humanity’s needs at this Now moment in time; and all you have to do is ask, friends.




For the energies are truly breathtaking and very high vibrationally at this time and to those of you who “feel everything” you will of course feel these things, these profound energy influxes of light, and we encourage you to try to celebrate this process of expansion. Take extra special care of your precious bodies that are becoming crystalline quite rapidly – even more rapidly than previously predicted or thought was possible. For the resiliency of the human form is astounding to us and to the many who are bearing witness to this transition from darkness and forgetting to light and remembering.


因为此刻的能量确实是惊人的,非常高振动的,对于你们那些“感受到一切”的人来说你当然会感到这些东西,这些深刻的光之能量的流入,我们鼓励你去庆祝这个扩张的进程。额外地照顾你宝贵的身体,正快速变成水晶一般 --- 比起之前预料的或认为的还要快速。因为人类形态的弹性令我们吃惊,令许多看着这个从黑暗与遗忘到光与忆起转变的人吃惊


It is true. Your efforts and your successes are highly celebrated and rest easy knowing that failure is not an option, for if you have truly chosen ascension and desire to seek good and do good and be the light to the others then of course you will have more than enough help and assistance – as much as you require and request.


这是真的。你的努力,你的成功被高度庆祝,请放心,失败是不可能的,因为如果你真的选择了扬升,渴望看到美好,做美好的事情,成为光,当然你会有足够多的帮助和协助 --- 来满足你的请求和要求


We are the Arcturian Collective and it is our delight to connect with you, our Earth friends, our grounded ones, our family wearing a human form temporarily – call it what you like. For we are one however you put it. We salute you. Be at peace.


我们是大角星团体,我们很高兴与你连接,地球上的朋友们,我们的地面人员,我们暂时穿着人类形态的家人 --- 无论你喜欢怎么称呼。因为我们是一,无论你怎么形容。我们向你致敬。处于平和



大角星团体 20180319 我们是一家人


翻译:Nick Chan






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