It is a pleasure to let each and everyone of you know that you have Ascended this planet and that which was… Old models of the tainted world will no longer be….. for it no longer serves.




Love AND this planets truth can no longer be hidden …. The signs have been seen in the heavens. the Cross of Truth has been seen and it is showing the Solar Plex is Clear on this planet is AND IT IS your SUN


爱和这个星球的真理不再被隐藏...天上的迹象已经出现。真理的十字架已被看到,它展示了地球上的太阳重叠(Solar Plex)是清晰的,它是你的太阳


So many of you are diligent on clearing and loving yourselves and as you are doing this you also are clearing your planet. you have also seen and know Now what these old models tainted ways have caused ….death.. destruction… Wars Lost… proverty..and many limiting views…. all of which do not serve The Awakened Sovereign being, which Internal Love has been awakened within many of you… Those old models will no longer be able to handle nor do they know how to deal with the energy that’s coming in .. and already anchored on this planet . as it is a Pure love frequency that meets much higher standards, morals and holds to The core Christ principles, The Foundation of this planet Is Love, Value, Honor all who see the journey they have been on…. through the EYES OF LOVE




Christ Consciousness has risen on this planet and is in Flesh




The Gifts from heaven are what this Christmas is about !!!

As we are celebrating.. so shall you… as above so below

Always surrounding you in Love while Surfing the Waves of the Light




Signed, Star Command




星际指挥官 20171221 报告

通灵:Light Surfer

翻译:Nick Chan




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