We wish to commend you for all you have done during this pivotal and transformational year. Your consistency, your courage, your humour, your willingness to go deeper than ever before, has created profound change, and your solstice is locking in that change. On top of that, you will experience an influx of light – cleansing, supportive light on this day, another on December 22, and again throughout your holiday season, topping up your light, if you will, before you step into the brand new year of 2019. Wherever you are in the world, whether you are experiencing the end of the darkest night and the return to the light, or enjoying the day of most light, we urge you to simply open up and receive the light as the cleansing, supportive balm it is. We also encourage you, as you allow the light to envelop you, to celebrate your own brilliant, shining light as an essential part of the entire enlightenment process, for without you it would not happen. You are loved and celebrated more than you could ever know, this day and always. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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