Greetings dear one, we are the Pleiadian Collective, lending you our hearts this night for you are weary and have suffered much in this lifetime somewhat, but very much so indeed in previous lives past. And you are probably noticing that they (past lives) are coming up for cleaning at a rapid clip. You have lost many husbands, many wives, many children over the eons and in many cases you too were the ones lost and missed / mourned by others. You have seen much, experienced much. And thus you are strong. And thus you were selected to be here in this most auspicious precious now of planetary ascension / upliftment. For the rending of worlds - realities - is in full swing in this most precious moment. Chose your vibration wisely, carefully. Keep it up.




We send you healing rays of golden light now, from the top of your head down to your toes. This technology pulse will help your chakras align and spin with more ease during this next energy wave / influx for it is going to be a doozy, as you like to say. You are mighty warriors, so strong. We see this, we feel this and perhaps we suspect that you - more of you not just those of you reading this message, more of you are feeling this inner strength, this inner proving, knowingness that you are ready, that you are indeed strong enough. And you are ready for “it”, whatever the “it” is now. For you have done the work, the cleansing, the “hard stuff” and have become stronger. Looking within is such a scary concept for so many. We see this in wonderment. For if you do not look within and really know yourself, then how will you really know or understand anything else, if you do not even acknowledge the lens through with you are viewing your world - reality? It is key - paramount - and we encourage you to do more of it. We are the Pleiadian Collective. Sending you great joy and love this day.





Dear Children, it is Mother God here. Might I have a turn? Oh I so want to scoop you up and wrap you up tight in my embrace of pink love, of pure acceptance and wipe away the tears from your troubled eyes and boost up your weary hearts. Be at peace! I am here. I am with you every step of the way, wrapped in my pink fluffy blanket of eternal love and goodness, just for you! I am YOUR Mother God, never forget that! I am available 24/7 to all of my precious children in all states of readiness. You need only ask to jump in my lap and there I am. And there you are. Do you see that we are one in this grand adventure? New Earth is being built brick by brick (metaphorically speaking) for it is being created in tandem with your choices to choose love, to choose hope, to choose forgiveness and to transmute all that no longer belongs in Nova Gaia. This is what you have been doing, building, creating, just as you were in turn created to do. But truly the creativity and human grit is a wonderment to us all, as we watch, assist, lovingly guide and cheer you on from the rafters. You are masters, every one of you reading these words have extra feathers in your cap and jewels in your crown for you are doing the work.




If you are drawn to these words of mine, then know - know - that you are here in this moment for a reason. What reason is it do you think? Are you in need of a mother’s love? If so snuggle in. Are you in need of reassurance? If so, I know you can do this! I believe in you! Is it tremendous joy that you seek? Seek no further. Gaze into my eyes and see - feel - my own joy radiating back into you, pouring - pouring - drenching you in my love - my eternal love for you - YOU! Do you get it? Do you see how much of a treasure you are to me? Never forget. Always remember that I am always, always here for you. Whatever problem you are facing, let’s face it together and find comfort in my pink fluffy comforter of pink, pure love light that envelopes you now, and always should you allow. I am your Mother God! I’m so lucky to be your Mother. I love you so. Be at peace, be whole, be comforted, and hold my hands in these coming days, moments, hours. Allow my peace and love to pour into you for now and for always. I am Mother, your Mother God.