2017-12-23 Nick Chan



This is Sanat Kumara I take this opportunity to come forward now to announce that you beloved children of light have completed your mission…. we have reached quantum mass. Victory to the light. The Resurrection has begun, the return of the Christ en masse is actualized this very moment. Each one of you will become to feel yourself as part of the bigger whole. The veils within are lifting as the christ-mas codes for completion of ascension are pouring in by divine decree thru the Resurrection Solstice portal. Even if in this moment you feel lost, in pain, or in fear…. trust this is the beginning of the end. A new star is birthed, the christed star within your heart will now start to shine as ONE and show your path, your mission, though you may still feel doubtfull this very moment, know and feel in your heart it´s a new dawn. As divine union is created within your heart, duality is breaking, a new consciousness is born. You have done well beloved ones, you have come a long way, now you may rest before the great celebration. The return of the bewinged ones is now. All celestial forces and star nation alliances are gathered to usher in this divine annointment of the cosmic christ in all… whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is an offering, an invitation to choose the light, to choose love and let all else behind. It is given freely, thy that chooses is the chosen one. The 144000 is the christ code of the cosmic christ, the vibration and emanation of elohim, which you came here to anchor. Kodoish kodoish kodoish. It is done, it is done. Victory to the light. ~ Sanat Kumara with Grace Solaris


我是库玛拉,借此机会我前来宣布,亲爱的光之子们,你已经完成了你的使命...我们到达了量子质量。光的胜利。复活已经开始,基督的返回已在这个时刻实现。你们每个人会感到自己是更大整体的一部分。内在的面纱在升起,随着圣诞代码为了扬升的完成涌入,根据神圣的法令,通过复活的冬至门户。即使在这个时刻你感到迷失,痛苦或恐惧...相信这是结束后的开始。一个新星已经诞生,你心中的基督明星现在会开始闪耀,作为一,并展示你道路,你的使命,尽管你可能依旧感觉疑虑,在心中知晓和感到这是一个新的黎明。随着神圣的统一在你心中建立,二元性被打破,一个新的意识诞生。你做得很好,亲爱的一们,你走了很长的路,现在你可以在伟大的庆典前夕休息。天使的返回就是现在。所有天堂的力量和星际国度联盟正聚到一起引入这个神圣的宇宙基督到来的宣告...无论你意识到与否。这是一个提供,一个邀请去选择光,去选择爱,放下其他的。它被大量地给予,选择它的你是天选之子。144000是宇宙基督的基督代码,神的振动和散发,你前来锚定的。Kodoish kodoish kodoish。它已经完成,它已经完成。光的胜利。~库玛拉


I am still overlighted by Sanat Kumara… actually this cannot be put into words…. but I can say that this is the moment we have been waiting for FOR SURE…. it is done and the celebrations can begin.




库玛拉 20171222 光是胜利者

通灵:Grace solaris

翻译:Nick Chan

音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aziLuWCVBCY


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