原创 2017-12-23 玛利亚 新纪元扬升之光

Mother Mary viaAnn Dahlberg, December 22nd, 2017




I amMother Mary and I want to wish all on Earth that now are celebrating afestivity a peaceful and Merry Christmas and an equally peaceful and joyfulHappy New Year.




We areentering a new year on Earth and it has many surprises in its womb. It has beenan intensive year that has passed with much commotion and with many majorchallenges a bit all over Earth. In spite of this there has also been much joy.The joy is supposed to grow from within and it has this year. A belief in thefuture has taken root – a hope and joy in many a heart. It has changed theworld for many exactly as it has transformed the world of Earth on the surfacethat you live on. In a small perspective it can be hard to see this, but with alarge perspective one can see a large change. There are many who now can briefa sigh of relief and they can get going with all that they have. A minor shiftof power has taken place that has changed the direction of Earth forever. Theship is now steady again and sails slowly towards its goal. It has raised theanchor and adjusts to the navigational information it currently receives.Slowly but surely the ship increases its speed, as it becomes surer of itsroute. The same is true for you dear Earthlings – the more secure you becomefrom being in your heart the faster you will march forward on you route. Theobstacles then seem to simply disappear as magic and many opportunities presentthemselves instead. Many of you have experienced this and you have alsoexperienced how the right experience has appeared and it feels as if it justfell into your life. It might feel as if it was by chance, but everything issynchronized and falls in place at exactly the right moment in your life giventhe life and the time you live in. Everything is connected – your history andthe history of the Earth. You live in synchronicity with everything else aroundyou. A few individuals cannot go forward alone without waking up their brothersand sisters in this time of transformation of our Earth. It was in earlierincarnations that one or a few individuals ascended into a higher dimension andthen changed their own inner and outer world. Today a whole planet is ascendinginto a higher dimension and all who live one Earth then have the opportunity tocome along with their Earth and at the same time increase their lightvibration. It is as a collective that you ascend and it is in the collective thatyou make your major contributions when you raise your vibrations. It is a largesurface and a whole world that will be changed and in order for this to happenmany people need to raise their vibrations. The collective field is now passedthe tipping point so that the light now dominates and the Earth now wandersupwards together with you.





The Era oflove has started dear children on Earth. The bell of love has started to ringand a new loving world is being built up. Beyond your understanding and beyondyour senses, deep down in your heart you can start to discern this world.

The sunshines within you dear children. The sun illuminates all nocks and crannieswithin as well as outside of you. This is a time for supplication andcontemplation. It is a new time for being grateful and love. It is a time tofind the true love in your heart.

I love youso much.MotherMary









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