Forces of Consciousness are the vibratory states of Light Frequency that reveal themselves AS the levels of consciousness.




Experiencing Shifts in our awareness to more “consciously” EMBODY the Divine Attributes of our Divine Ascended Being ~ opens the floodgates, so to speak, to all levels of Divine Providence.


体验我们意识的转变到更有“意识”体现了我们神圣扬升存在的神圣属性 ~ 打开闸门,可以这么说,向所有神圣的层面


The Virtues lived at these levels of Divine Being ~ are you as your Original Light.


美德存在于神圣存有的这些层面 ~ 你如你最初的光


What you “Believe” becomes the very substance of matter in and around the Aura of the consciousness ~ LIVING the beliefs.


你所“相信的”成为物质的实质,在意识光环之中和周围 ~ 活出信念


Each Being is completely unique.




The Original Design, as in relationships…are as they ARE. That is it. There are no mistakes. It is as it is. You are as you now are.


最初的设计,就像人际关系 ... 如它们所是。没有错误。就如它所是。你如你现在的你


Seeking MORE is akin to not seeing our gifts ~ unopened before our eyes.


寻求更多类似于没有看到我们的礼物 ~ 没有在我们眼前打开


What is it now you are not seeing? Are you seeing?




The Levels of BLISS of each moment are undetectable to those not living as the conscious Divine Being that they are.




TRULY the beauty of things as they are ~ contain within them, each moment, the Full Glory of All that is. Now.


他们确实是美丽的 ~ 包含在他们之中,每时每刻,一切万有的辉煌。当下。


You are now waking up to this…LITERALLY.


你正觉醒至这些 ... 字面上理解地


The Embodiment of the Divine Ascended Being ~ becomes the model of how to exist in the New Earth ~ As the New Way.


神圣扬升存有的体现 ~ 成为如何存在于新地球的模型 ~ 作为新的方式


On Mu ~ this was the Way. The Original Activation of DNA and Blueprints ~ through the first forms on Earth as the first civilization on Planet Earth.


On Mu~ 这是旧的方式。原始的 DNA 和蓝图的激活 ~ 通过地球上的第一个形式,作为地球上的第一个文明


From the Stars….From the Light.


从星星而来 .... 从光而来


From your first emergence…..you still emerge.


从你的第一次浮现而来 ... 你依旧在浮现


You are becoming throughout all dimensions and parallel worlds NOW.




This aspect that you experience as NOT aware fully now of all the many existences you live in NOW ~ is simply the preparation for the GLORY of the DIVINE itself….to re emerge in a new beginning ONCE AGAIN.


你所体验的这个面向,作为没有意识到当下你的许多存在 ~ 是为神圣的辉煌做着准备 ... 再次在新的开始中浮现


The stars and movements of the planets throughout the ages…are exactly as is it was created to be. All at once.


恒星和星球的运动贯穿时代 ... 如它被创造那般。


The Light frequencies of the Solar Flares…the Eclipses…the seasons…are all forces of consciousness. As IS the chair you are sitting upon. The air you breathe. How you breathe. How you feel.


太阳耀斑的光之频率 ... 日食 ... 四季 ... 都是意识的力量。就像你坐的椅子。你呼吸的空气。你如何呼吸。你如何感受


What is playing out through you is your planned RE Emergence as Divinity ~ revealing itself….as the ONE uniqueness you ARE and have always been.


通过你上演的是你作为神性浮现的计划 ~ 揭示自己 ... 作为你所是的独一无二


Activating the Eternal YOU as Light into the Now…is Opening your Heart to the Divine Ascended Being that you are. Your Divine Presence dissolves…the conditioning of the old program.


激活永恒的你,作为进入当下的光 ... 是向你所是的神圣扬升存在敞开心。你神圣的存在溶解 ... 旧编程的状况


Activating your Divine Presence ~ activates the Divine Virtues within your DNA….your Gifts your Uniqueness. In the here and now as the Original Unique ~ Divine Ascended Being that you are.


激活你神圣的存在 ~ 激活你 DNA 中的神圣美德 ... 你的天赋,你的独特。此时此刻,作为原始的独特 ~ 神圣扬升存在


The LIGHT Forces that are the Divine organization of Frequencies…orchestrate…the Shifts and changes.


光的力量,是神圣的频率编织 ... 编排 ... 转变和改变


This LIGHT ~ is activating your DNA now.


这个光 ~ 正在激活你的 DNA


YOU are being transformed…moment to moment with (consciously) ..ALL that you ARE created to be as your uniqueness.


你在被转变 .... 时时刻刻(有意识地) ... 你所创造的一切都是独一无二的


This is an embodiment which shifts the awareness from being separated from this Bliss state to that of Gloriously Being the ONE Being….in your Original Light…that you ARE.


这个体现转变了意识,从与这个祝福的状态分离到成为辉煌的合一存在 ... 在你最初的光中 ... 你的所是


Receive…this is the Divine Activation of YOU consciously being the Divine One that you are.


接收 ... 这是你( YOU )神圣的激活,有意识地成为你所是的神圣一


We are the Divine Council of Overseers…We are with you Now. We live through the Forces of consciousness…Open your Heart to receive. In Divine Glory and Love…


我们是神圣的监督委员会 ... 我们和你在一起。我们通过意识的力量而活 ... 敞开心去接收。在神圣的辉煌和爱中 ...


神圣的监督委员会 20171031 意识

通灵:L’aura Pleiadian

翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bqoxt4I96U


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