Dear Ones, your divinity is always there. It is your alignment and acceptance of your own truth that allows you the experience of it.




That is why your self care practices are so important – they help keep you in the alignment that helps you remember who you really are, and what you know. The more you choose the self love and care that allows you to stay in that space, the more your own unique beauty and contributions will shine, which not only serves you and your soul journey, but also all of humanity.


所以你的自我关怀如此重要 --- 它们帮助你处于对齐,这会帮助你忆起你真正的所是,你所知晓的。你越多地选择自爱和自我关怀,这会让你处于那个空间,你越多的独特美丽和贡献会闪耀,不仅会服务你和你灵魂的旅程,还有全人类


There is nothing in the world more breathtakingly beautiful than a human being shining the light of their own authenticity as a glorious individuation of Source energy. For those of you who still feel an urgency to hurry up and do something, it is coming from your soul craving to shine, unapologetically, in its own glorious light.




That is the core of the enlightenment process – coming home to the divine light that you are, and then having the courage to let it shine for the entire world to see, and through that action lighting the way for others to find the way to their own divine truth, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


这是启蒙进程的核心 --- 回到你所是的神圣之光,然后勇敢地让它闪耀,让全世界都看到,通过这个行为,为他人找到自己神圣真理点亮道路。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan



音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9tvh3yrxfQ


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