Greetings friends! I am your Yeshua. I see that many of you are uptight and hurting a bit. With all of these political and global changes there appears to be much unrest in the world, and it can be bewildering. Such as it was in my day too, when I walked as Christ. May I remind you that you walk as Christ as well when you are fully aligned with me, with the higher vibrational energies of Mother-Father God, who love you so much. For you see, you are love, you have forgotten but you are remembering.




This is the game. To remember who you are and to choose to be reunited with the highest light with the Christ child within you. For it is all about alignment. The hidden mysteries are soon to be revealed. The inner knots are the kinks that need to be worked out now in your psyche. I see you are you truly are. I see great beauty, bravery, love, light. I see the Source spark that you are, my friends. And so now allow me to place my hand within your heart, just as this one has asked me to do. For it is a lovely idea isn’t it? To infuse your innermost heart, the wounded place, where your inner child has been perhaps trapped and forgotten?




It is time to find your inner child again and to heal him or her, to heal yourself and to extend to yourself the same grace and healing that you so selflessly extend to the world. Take a minute to breathe, to feel my magenta ray enter your heart space. Feel the warmth of my love for you. Some of you may feel a jolt or a bit of warmth. It is all the same, it is me. Hear the laughter and feel the tears of your inner child and send love. Feel my love for you, for all of the parts of you that you perhaps would like to forget. I see perfection. I see grace. I see myself standing there alongside you healing, feeling, loving and now laughing with pure joy! Remember my laughter and re-find your own, for it is within you. The inner joy of the giggling child cannot be contained any longer for the higher energies have arrived, are arriving, are within you.


是时候去再次找到你的内在孩童,疗愈他 / 她,疗愈你自己,把你如此无私地提供给世界的同样仁慈与疗愈提供给自己。花点时间呼吸,感受我洋红色的光进入你的心之空间。感受我对你的爱的温暖。你们一些人可能会感到一个摇晃或一点温暖。都是一样的,它就是我。听到你内在孩童的笑声,感受内在孩童的泪水,发送爱。感受我对你和你所有想要忘记的自我部分的爱。我看到完美。我看到优雅。我看到自己站在你身边疗愈、感受、爱,现在伴随着纯粹的喜悦欢笑!记住我的笑声,重新找到你自己的笑声,因为它在你之内。咯咯笑的孩童的内在喜悦无法再被抑制,因为更高的能量已经到来,正在到来,在你之内


I am your Yeshua! I come to claim my own. I come to gather you close in a hearty hug. Come, let us take a long walk together and enjoy the surrounding beauty of Mother Gaia as she nurtures you through your bare feet. The cool crisp grass on bare feet is one of my favorite things. The love for yourselves, the love for Gaia, all must be healed and re-remembered. You came here for this, to heal this. You are strong enough for the task. Remember I am always with you even until the end of the age and of course into the beginning of the new one, friend, which is of course right where we stand now, on the precipice of the new. Perhaps this is why you may have felt a bit uptight, knotted up? No. Rest. Relax into me and let us re-find your joy.




What is it that brings you joy? Perhaps it is time to explore this further if it has been too long for you to even know your answer to this. I have walked with you many miles, many times. I know your instep, your gait, your concerns, your questions. Breathe. Let that all go. Let all that concerns you be blown away into the wind. Hold my hand and let us face the dawn of the new day together, and stride forward hand in hand, in confidence.




The mission is already a success, friend. Can you feel it? Now, claim it to be so and it shall be. All the chaos swirls around, true, but you are to focus on me. You are in the eye of the storm. It is relatively calm within the eye of a great storm. There I Am with you. You may be a bit wet and windblown but you are safe. You are tremendously loved. You have all of the resources being made readily available. The financial reset is at hand. For the smoke and mirrors is long past. People are ready to see with true clarity once again and true assets bring clarity. But remember always that I am your true asset, that the Christ light is your true asset, that the love of God is the only asset that you will ever need. For love is all there is. The experiment has concluded, has ended. You are bearing witness to the final stages, the micro-second before the next page of the book is turned. Remember this moment. Savor it. Walk hand in hand with me.




I am your Yeshi, your Yeshua. I am that I am, as are you, friend. Remember. Remember me and in so doing remember yourself, your true self over-lighted with the Christed Consciousness that sees clearly, loves fully and is sublimely at peace. Peace, friend. I am always available for you. I am your Yeshua.





翻译:Nick Chan



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