原创 2017-11-03 玛利亚 新纪元扬升之光

Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, November 1st, 2017




I am Mother Mary and I greet all of you children of Earth. It is once again a high energy that has reached Earth and that will interact among you now for a while. It comes as a promise to you so that you can have the opportunity to raise your vibrations. It comes with such a light tone that the whole of Earth with all its beings will vibrate a bit higher. Your bodies adapt slowly but surely to the light. You can sense it in the elements, in nature and in your quiet moments. You can feel the vibrations within you. Everything moves towards a higher light – a higher tone in your existence. Take this with you and let your eyes see with the vibration that your bodies now have started to adjust to. Be open of mind – take everything in at the present moment. See the difference my dear children on Earth. The difference between being in this “now” with all its light and power to being in the old matrix with its heaviness and worries. When you exist in the higher vibration you see life with a greater enthusiasm and you feel joy for the new day that is arriving. It is this joy that you should take with you everywhere you go today. It is a contagious joy that helps many others to find their joy in life. Stand strong in your vibration and do not let your thoughts push you down. Take control over your thoughts and feelings and you will march on the path of a Master. See the light that stands at the door and aim that way my dear ones.

我是圣母玛利亚,我问候你们地球上所有的孩子们。一种高能量再一次到达了地球,它已经到达了,并将在你们之间的一段时间内产生影像。它是对你的许诺,这样你就有机会提升你的振动。它带来一种加强的光,整个地球和它所有的众生都会振动得更高一些。你的身体会慢慢地但肯定会适应这个光。你可以在元素、在大自然和安静的时刻感受到它。你可以在内在感受到振动。一切都移向着更高的光—— 你的存在中的一个更高的色调。和它在一起,让你的眼睛看到你的身体已经开始适应这个振动。敞开你的心灵——把一切置于当下。看看在地球上的我亲爱的孩子们的不同。在这个当下所有的光和力量与它在旧矩阵中的不同之处在于旧矩阵的沉重和忧虑。当你存在于更高的振动中时,你会看到生命之内更大的热情,你会为即将到来的新一天而感到快乐。你今天去任何地方都会带着这种喜乐。这是一种具有感染力的喜乐,它能帮助许多人在生活中找到乐趣。坚定地保持你的振动,不要让你的念头把你推倒。控制好你的念头和情绪,你就会走在大师的路上。看着伫立在门口的灯,认准道路,我亲爱的朋友们。


All of you have the opportunity to catch and experience this light vibration now dear children. The light vibrations that now exist on Earth give you all the opportunity to grow and become your own master. It is meant for you to grow now and recapture your title as a Master, as one who works for the light. You are God’s invaluable children and you spread your light wherever you go. Your souls are now on fire with eagerness to come forward and do the work that they came down to do. You all loved Mother Earth so much that you all took some extra light with you, which you could spread a bit everywhere on Earth. Many are still unawares of this. Others start to understand that this is actually the way it is. You have spread it via your feet and cleared energy nodes everywhere allowing Mother Earth to open up her portals, so that it has become possible for more light to stream out from the inner Earth. The Inner Earth is full of light and a high vibrating light that now also affects the surface of Earth. You are literally being exposed to an overflow of light and light vibrations and we can see that it has yielded great results in the form of a greater awakening of humanity. We have reached the tipping point and the light is what dominates on Earth today. It is with a sigh of relief that I write this, as this gives great hope that practically all of humanity has the opportunity to come along with Mother Earth up into the higher regions. This has always been the wish of Mother Earth and it now looks like it will be fulfilled.



This if anything is worth celebrating dear children on Earth. It is a great victory for Earth, for humanity and for this solar system. It is a wonderful gift and I thank our Beloved God for how lovingly and wisely he/she has led us the whole way home. Yes, it feels as if we are home. There is such a small distance left now. I love you so much beloved children on Earth and I long for the day when I again can take all of you in my arms. I will put my protective wings around you and help you find the light so that you can strive towards it with all of your heart.



I love you so much, Mother Mary









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