原创 2017-10-21 精灵王国 新纪元扬升之光

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th October2017 –

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa




The energy coming forth to greet you now is the unitedconsciousness of the Fairy Kingdom. We bring to you our joy, the innocenceof the Creator, the essence of creation, the magical love and the Creatoressence. We delight in being in your presence and wish to be of service to youin a unique and awakening way. Let our energy vibrate around your being, youwill notice the quick and high frequency we hold which is married with theessence of the Goddess Mother Earth. We appear often as multi-coloured light,sometimes small and sometimes large.

TheFairy Kingdom acts as a bridge of light between the high vibrations of theinner planes and the beautiful truth of Mother Earth, we embody both sacredenergies. Thus, we are able to support an embodiment and balancing within yourbeing of the inner planes and beauty of all that Mother Earth represents. Wewish to ground you deeply into the magic of Mother Earth and elevate your vibrationexpanding your awareness into the truth of the Creator. A unity and oneness ofthe entire Universe of the Creator will emerge from within your being, it hasalways been present, however it blossoms into your realisation and consciousmind for you to express and experience in your life. In order to achieve abalancing of energies within your being, we, the Fairy Kingdom will work withyou expressing our healing, guidance, wisdom and love to create an innerrelease of all that limits your Self-Realisation. We wish for you to exist as aself-realised being upon the Earth.



What Does It Mean to Be a Self-Realised Being?



We,the Fairy Kingdom, believe that when you recognise the oneness and unity of theCreator within your thoughts, emotions, body, actions and the way in which youexist within the physical reality, you are a self-realised being. We believethat mastery and ascension are simply other labels for Self- Realisation.



Love,peace, kindness, enlightenment and expansion are the qualities embodied whenyou recognise the unity and oneness of the Creator within your being. Followinga pathway that encourages you to embody any one of these qualities will leadyou to experience unity and oneness with the Creator and all that is theCreator. Essentially all the qualities which are used to describe the Creatorlead you to an experience of your true self and the universe of the Creator.



Self-Realisationis an awareness and recognition of the beauty of the Creator within your being.With recognition comes expression and being of service, experiencing theCreator fully within your reality as well as supporting those who are ready toachieve the same. It is about familiarising yourself with the oneness and unityof the Creator within your being, recognising the many forms and expressionsthis energy takes within your being, how it guides you and inspires you.



Yourself-realised aspect and awareness already exists within your being as a fullyformed part of yourself. It is a Blueprint which is created by your soul andprotected by your soul. This Blueprint is akin to an energy and consciousnesssource, it is a vibrant expression and embodiment of your truth and the truthof the Creator. Your Self-Realisation Blueprint is unique to you and influencesthe pathways you take upon the Earth when fully activated and embodied. Withfocus on accessing, merging with and understanding your Self RealisationBlueprint your life will become smoother and easier to navigate, being divinelyguided.



Why Isn’t the Self RealisationBlueprint Already Activated?



YourSelf Realisation Blueprint is already present and activated within your being,it emanates into your entire being from your soul, however it may not beembodied within the cells of your physical body, your emotions and thoughts. Areason that you may not already be experiencing your full Self-Realisation isthat limiting energies, thoughts and feelings are distracting you from seeingthe truth of the Creator within your being. The process of accessing andexperiencing your Self-Realisation Blueprint is actually a journey of realisingyourself; the essence of the Creator within you. It is akin to clearing layersof dust to reveal the gold that was always hidden beneath. If you are notprepared to clear away the dust or limiting energies you are holding onto, thenyou will not even be aware of the presence of the gold beneath. When we theFairy Kingdom speak of activating your Self Realisation Blueprint we wish tojump start your awareness and focus your attention to recognise the unity ofthe Creator that has been ever present.



Yourascension process is a development of revealing the Creator within you. Youwill have noticed as you heal, release old baggage, forgive, access memoriesfrom your present life and past lifetimes so you become clearer about who youare, lighter and brighter; you transform. This is the Self-Realisation process,it describes the journey and the outcome.



Accessing Your Self RealisationBlueprint



Firstimagine or contemplate what your Self-Realisation Blueprint would look like.Would it be represented by a colour, symbol or a vision of yourself asenlightened? We, the Fairy Kingdom, invite you to create an image in your mindor a feeling that represents to you your Self-Realisation Blueprint.



Thenimagine that the image or feeling that you have created to represent yourSelf-Realisation Blueprint is within your being. You may place the Blueprint inyour heart, above your head in your soul star chakra or in area of your beingor body that feels appropriate.



Sayout loud, ‘I call forth the Fairy Kingdom, please surround me and shower me inyour light, love, consciousness and blessings. I allow your energy to flowdeeply into my entire being. I receive your divine intervention and assistancewith an open heart. Please integrate with my being and align all aspects of mybeing with my Self-Realisation Blueprint. Please especially align my mind,emotions and physical body with my Self-Realisation Blueprint.’



Takeas long as you feel is appropriate to experience this process.


‘FairyKingdom, please support me in experiencing the energy, divine inspiration andlove of my Self -Realisation Blueprint. Let me access the essence of mySelf-Realisation Blueprint which is the unity and oneness of the Creator. Helpme to experience the unity and oneness of the Creator within my being on adeeper level than ever before, feeling these sacred qualities creatingbeautiful shifts and transformations of awakening within my being. FairyKingdom, please work with me to aid the manifestation of my intention now.Thank you.’
Stay in the energies for as long as you feel is appropriate.



Embodiment and Balancing of theInner Planes and Mother Earth Within Your Being



Sayout loud, ‘I invite the Fairy Kingdom to surround my being, I open myself toreceive the Fairy Kingdom. I ask that the Fairy Kingdom’s consciousness issynthesised with my being so I experience an imprint of the Fairy Kingdomconsciousness. The purpose of this synthesis is to imprint the balance of theinner planes and Mother Earth, that the Fairy Kingdom experience, into mybeing. Thus, my own energies will be healed, activated and aligned in harmony,peace and balance with the inner planes and Mother Earth. Fairy Kingdom,support me in embodying the essence and truth of the inner planes and MotherEarth. Let this create a beautiful shift within my being drawing my attentionto the oneness of the Creator within me. Fairy Kingdom please achieve all thatis necessary now. Thank you.’



Withshimmering blessings and love,




音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pv2HH6GhLo


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