主佛陀加持(通灵信息) 通过Kim Michaels,11

原创 2017-01-01 荷光* 新纪元扬升之光


LordBuddha via Kim Michaels, January 1st

Lord Buddha (channeledmessages)

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, January 1st,2016

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主佛陀(通灵信息)通过Kim Michaels,11

(译者:荷光*凯,微信公众平台号:xinjiyuanlove ;文章较长,节选部分翻译,信息最后给予了具体加持方法)



I AM the Ascended Master GautamaBuddha! I come with great peace on this New Year’s Eve. I come to radiate thatpeace to all of the people on earth who are able and willing to receive it. Youmay think that there are not so many ascended master students. You may thinkthat there are not so many Buddhists who have understood the core of myteaching. But I tell you there are, indeed, many more people on earth who areready and willing to receive the peace of the Buddha than it would appear froma superficial examination. This does not mean thatthese people know about ascended masters or that they are Buddhists in theirouter minds. There are many, many people who have embodied so many times onthis earth, and who have been exposed to so many atrocities and so much warfareand conflict, that they are ready for the peace of the Buddha.


我是扬升大师乔达摩佛陀!我在元旦前夕带着伟大和平的使命前来。我的光发送给生活在地球上所有愿意接收它的那些和平的人们。你可能会认为没有多少人需要扬升的学习。你可能认为没有多少佛教徒理解我教学的核心。但我告诉你 , 事实上 , 在地球上很多的人准备好并且比一个表面上的功课更愿意接受佛陀的和平教导。这并不意味着这些人是否知道关于扬升大师,或者他们是不是佛教徒。有很多很多人很多次在这个地球上经历很多暴力和战争冲突,现在他们准备好了学习佛陀和平的教导。


Neitherdualistic polarity is real




How many times have we told youthat there are two ways to learn on earth? You can learn through higherdirection or you can learn through the school of hard knocks.We have explained to you that the duality consciousness always has two oppositepolarities, and thus, you will never be at peace as long as you are trapped induality. You see, once you have experienced the duality consciousness enoughtimes, something begins to happen in your identity body. It may start in themental body, but it eventually works its way up. You begin to sense that youhave so many times been tricked into fighting for one polarity or the otherpolarity. You have in some lifetimes fought for what appeared to be good; inother lifetimes, you have fought for what appeared to be evil.


有多少次我们告诉过你地球上有两种可以学习的方法?你可以经由更好的方式学习或通过苦修。我们已经向你解释,二元性意识总是有两个相反的极性,因此,你将永远不会和平,只要你被困在二元性里。你看,一旦你经历够了二元性体验, , 有些情况在你的身体上就会发生了。它会在精微体上开始,但完成它会有很长的路。你开始意识到你有很多次被欺骗去为了一个极端或另一个极端去战斗。你的一生为了善去战斗,在剩下的余生,你为此战斗的好像变成了邪恶。


Thus, you begin to sense thatnone of these polarities are real. You begin to sense the lie, namely that theend of furthering some ultimate cause cannot justify the killing of humanbeings, nor can it bring the utopia that is promised. You begin to sense that,as there are opposites in the duality consciousness, there must be an oppositeto the duality consciousness. The constant struggle and conflict and warfarethat is the result of duality must itself have an opposite—that of a peacewhere there are no opposites, a state of mind with no opposites, a state ofbeing with no opposites, even a realm where there are no opposites.


因此,你开始意识到这些其实是极端的。你开始感觉这是个谎言,换句话说你最终无法为人类的杀戮行为找借口,也不能实现理想中的乌托邦。你开始意识到,这只是二元对立的一种意识,必须有一个二元意识的反面。不断的斗争和冲突和战争, , 是二元性的结果本身必须有一个没有对立的和平的一面,一种没有对立的意识,没有对立的形式,甚至没有对立的面向存在。


Howshifting experiences affect your sense of identity




My Beloved, I guided thismessenger recently to a new insight concerning this, and I wish to share itwith you. You may look at the many people on earth who believe in differentideas, thought systems, religions, political ideologies. You may ask yourself:“Why is one person convinced that the Catholic Church is the only road tosalvation, while another is absolutely convinced that there is no God and thatall religion is folly?” How can two people have opposite opinions about aspecific issue, and each of them is completely convinced that their view is theonly right one? How is this possible?


亲爱的, , 我最近引导这个信使与此有关的新的见解,我希望与你分享它。你可以看看地球上许多人相信不同的观点, , 认为体质, , 宗教,政治意识形态。你可能会问自己:“为什么一个人相信天主教是唯一的救赎之路 , 而另一个是相信绝对没有神 , 所有宗教都是愚昧的?”两人有相反的意见的人,他们其中的每一个都认为他们的观点是唯一正确的,这怎么可能?


Well, it is possible becausehuman beings do not form their beliefs based on rational or logical thinking,nor do they form them exclusively based on emotions. We have told you that youhave four lower bodies. When you form a deeply held belief, such as a religiousconviction, it is not just a matter of feeling, not just a matter ofintellectual reasoning or believing certain doctrines. It becomes a totalexperience that involves all of your four lower bodies. When you have such anexperience, something shifts in your consciousness.


这可能的, , 因为人类的构成不是基于以他们逻辑的思考为基础的信仰,他们构成也不完全是基于情感。我们已经告诉你,我们说过你有四个体(注:灵魂体,心智体,情绪体,肉体)。这并不是智力推理或者信仰的教义。你的四个体会集合你的体验。当你有了一些的经历,你的意识就会发生某些变化。


You know from yourself that youcan have many opinions or even beliefs that are at a more superficial level.These can easily change. You are not feeling threatened if someone questionsyour opinion about whether you liked this particular flavor of ice cream orthat particular flavour of ice cream. These more superficial feelings orthoughts come about because they only touch one of the four lower bodies. Butwhen all of the four lower bodies are involved, something shifts in youridentity body. You are now no longer saying, for example, that you believe incertain doctrines of the Catholic Church. You are now saying, “I am aCatholic,” or “I am an atheist.” This is what we might call a shiftingexperience because it shifts your sense of identity and your thoughts andemotions and actions must follow.


你知道,从你个人的方面来看你拥有了很多表面意义上的观念乃至信仰。这些可以很容易地更改。如果有人问你喜欢这个味道的冰淇淋还是另一种味道的冰淇淋你不会感觉到是种威胁。产生这些肤浅的感觉或想法,是因为他们是由这个四体系统而来,当某些被植入进你认同的这个身份的身体,你就不会再说,例如 , 你相信某些天主教的教义。你现在会说,“我是一个天主教徒,”或“我是一个无神论者。”这就是我们称之为经验转移,因为它改变你的身份的认同,你的思想和情绪和行为也必须跟着改变。


Grapplingwith what a mystical experience means




You see, my beloved, we havehinted before that there really is no viewpoint, no religion, no scientifictheory, on earth that is absolute, that is absolutely true. This isbecause words have an inherent limitation that you will never overcome from theunascended state of consciousness. You may have a mystical or anintuitive experience that gives you a deep sense of reality, but the sense ofreality is beyond words. Yet after the experience fades, you now have to grapple with what the experience means.



亲爱的,你看到我们之前已经暗示过,其实真的是没有观念 , 没有宗教,没有科学理论,在地球上这是绝对的,绝对的是真理。这是因为语言有它固有的局限性,它有你永远克服不了的形式。但是真实的体验是超越语言的。你经验了之后,你会知道那体验究竟是什么。


A Christian may have anexperience of the presence of Christ. There isreality in the experience, but when the person then interprets what theexperience means, the sense of reality is transferred to the person’s beliefs,dogmas, doctrines, and words. Now the person is absolutely convinced that Jesushimself validated his particular brand of fundamentalist Christianity or hisparticular brand of Buddhism. There are even people who have the sense ofreality and now interpret it through a materialistic, atheistic mindset and areequally convinced that this is reality.




Thegoal of spiritual teachings




As you go towards the higherlevels of consciousness, it is essential for you to begin to realize thepurpose of spiritual teachings. They are tools for helping you transcend acertain level of consciousness. If you become fixated on the outer words, theouter form, the outer rituals, the outer authority of a teaching, then you willstop your self-transcendence at a certain level, and you cannot go beyond it.As we have said before, we have no desire to see ascended master students takea teaching we have brought forth through progressive revelation and turn it intoa closed system, a closed box for their minds. This is the last thing wedesire.


当你朝向更高的意识层次,你开始认识到至关重要的精神教导的目的。他们是工具,帮助你超越一定程度的意识。如果你变得专注于外在,外部形式,外仪式 , 外部权威的教学,然后你在一定水平停止不前,你无法超越它。之前我们已经说过,我们不希望看到提升大师学生参加一个教学,把我们发表的先进的教导变成一个封闭的系统,成为他们的想法的一个封闭的盒子。这是我们最后的愿望。


That is why we need you torecognize that the goal of the spiritual path is to continue to transcend yourlevel of consciousness as long as you are in embodiment. You do this bybecoming more and more open to having these direct experiences,call them intuitive or mystical experiences, where you shift your state ofconsciousness upwards. You shift all of your fourlower bodies to a higher level. You need to not think that this level that youhave reached now is the ultimate level. If you had reached the ultimate level,you would no longer be in a physical body. You would be ascended.




StartingAquarian organizations




To this end, I would like topoint out to you that there are reasons why we have not started a new ascendedmaster organization. There are reasons why this messenger has not set himselfup as a guru or leader of an organization. This does not mean that there couldnot be one or more organizations that have the purpose of spreading, promotingascended master teachings or even the ideas and principles that we give out inour dictations. There could easily be organizations that are not openly talkingabout ascended masters but are promoting the general ideas in many areas ofsociety. This may be started as an organization for the purpose of promotingascended master teachings and the use of decrees and invocations and theknowledge of how free will works and how we of the ascended masters need yourauthorization in order to use our power on earth, as Mother Mary explains inher book.




I do not wish to tell you throughthis messenger what to do and how to do it, for there are enough of you thatare capable of tuning in, being led by the Spirit directly from withinyourselves. This is the only way that a movement in Aquarius can be started andcan be sustained. It cannot, in the Aquarian age, be started from above througha centralized authority. I hope you can take our teachings and see that this isno longer a viable way to start organizations.




The thoughtformfor 2016

2016 年的加持



I wish to congratulate you forwhat you have achieved in 2015. I wish to give you the positive upward impetusto move on, to accelerate, in 2016, for you need to accelerate in order to keepup with Serapis Bey and what he intends to release on this planet. Thus, I wishto give you a thoughtform that can help you withthis.


祝贺你取得了 2015 年的成就。在 2016 年我希望给你积极的向上的动力继续加速前进,您需要加速为了跟上赛拉比斯贝和他打算释放在这个星球上的能量。因此,我想给你一个加持 , 可以帮助你解决这个问题。


Science only has a superficialunderstanding of the atom. In fact, what science calls the atom is not really aphysical, material thing. Nevertheless, you know that the atom is aconstruction that has some extension in space. There are some electronsswirling around a core. What I desire to give you is the thoughtform for 2016,and it is that, in the core of every atom, there is a Buddha figure of intensewhite light.


科学对原子只有肤浅的理解。事实上,科学上所说的原子,其实并不是一个物理、物质的东西。然而,你知道原子内部有广大的空间。有一些电子围绕一个核心。我想给你的 2016 年的能量加持,它是,在每个原子的核心,有一个强烈的白色发光的佛。


You may visualize this on a verylocal scale as some disease or wound in your body, where you visualize theatoms that make up the cells with this white-fire Buddha at their core. You mayvisualize it on a larger scale in certain conditions in society. You mayvisualize it for the entire planet, for you know that everything is made up ofatoms. You know that atoms have an extension in space. You know that the Buddhaholds space, holds the balance for space on the planet. Therefore, the Buddhais everywhere in space, and thus, also within each atom.




I AM the ascended master Gautama Buddha, and I AM in the heart of every atom of earth.







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