My beloved children,




It has been a few months ever since Adele channeled her last message from me and rapid personal growth have transpired for a lot of people during this short time. As a group, especially all of you who have been closely following our higher dimensional discourses here, you are now ready to move forward in greater understanding.




The time has come for you to embrace more of who you are. It is NOW time for you to shine so brightly with the Divine Power of your Soul. The aspect of your inner Self, that is the God/Goddess part of you, is ready to be born.


是时候去更多地拥抱你的所是。是时候去伴随着你灵魂的神圣力量明亮地闪耀。你内在自我的面向,神 / 女神的那部分,已经准备好诞生


In fact, for some of you reading this, you have recently experienced this amazing ‘breakthrough‘ – by intensely feeling so: liberated out of the Self-imposed 3-D prison most of you here had chosen to live in for eons and completely, unconditionally, FREE! Adele felt so much joy beyond description and cried many happy tears when it recently happened to her. And your experience may be different but in essence the same. For freedom is the natural birthright of any Divine Light Being. For some of you, this breakthrough might have occurred during a recent meditation, or during quiet nature walks when you were walking around as One with your Higher Self.


事实上,对于你们一些阅读这些话的人,最近你已经体验了这个惊人的“突破” --- 通过强烈地感到:自由于自我强加的 3D 监狱,大多数选择在其中生活恒久的人,已经完全、无条件地自由!管道感到大量难以言喻的喜悦,流下了许多喜悦的泪水,当这发生在她身上。你的体验可能不一样,但本质上相同。因为自由是任何神圣光之存有的天生权利。对于你们一些人,这个突破可能在最近的冥想或日常的散步中发生,当你作为与更高自我的合一四处行走时


For those of you who are not quite sure what I meant by this breakthrough, please be patient with your awakening process. All of you are at different phases of spiritual awakening, and how fast you get to the finish line truly depends on the individual life-scripts you had written for yourself before entering physicality. When this breakthrough occurs, you will not need to question whether this is it. You will instinctively know ‘THE’ moment it happens, without a doubt.




For a very long time, you have chosen to ‘suppress yourself’, ‘dim your light’ and ‘give your power to others’ in many earth-based Games of Life you had created for yourself.




(If you are new to our messages here, and don’t quite understand what I meant by ‘Games of Life’, please refer to Mother God’s previous channeled message through Adele. The messages here are meant to be read in order, from oldest to newest, for better understanding).




All of you here have been awakened from your deep spiritual slumber, and you are now in the process of stretching out your wings; getting ready to fly! And it is as if all of you are saying the following words with your Soul Power: ‘Enough of these 3-D games. I will no longer tolerate any restriction coming from myself or others, as it is now time for me to return to once again being the Unlimited, Powerful Self I have remembered myself to be. All 3-D illusions, be gone!”


在这里的所有人都已从深度的精神沉睡中苏醒,你现在正处于伸展翅膀的进程中;准备飞翔!就好像你们都伴随着灵魂的力量述说以下话语:“我受够了这些 3D 游戏。我不会在容忍来自自身或他人的任何约束,因为现在是时候再次返回无限制、强大的自我了。所有 3D 的幻象,远去吧!”


Your Divine, Sovereign Self has finally been ‘brought out’ to the open, much like a caterpillar undergoing an intense metamorphosis process, to transform into a magnificent butterfly. And once the process is complete, there is no turning back!




It is time for your Holy Christ-Self/God-Self to come out and play; to have fun, to be LOVE, and to be JOY in every moment.


是时候让你神圣的基督自我 / 神之自我出现来玩耍了;玩得开心,成为爱,成为喜悦,每时每刻


Mother God, in her last message through Adele, had written: ” Follow your Joy – should be your Slogan, your ‘Modus Operandi’, or your ‘Life-Formula’ from this moment onward” and NOTHING is TRUER than this Truth!


母神,在她通过这位管道的最后一篇信息中,写到:“跟随你的喜悦 --- 应当是你从现在起前进的标语,‘做法’或‘生活准则’,没什么比这更真实的了!”


In fact, feeling/being LOVE and feeling/being JOY, are two aspects of the FINAL KEY you need, to access your Fifth-Dimensional Self.


事实上,感到 / 成为爱和感到 / 成为喜悦,是你访问五维自我所需的最终钥匙的两个面向。


Imagine Love & Joy to be two faces of the same coin; the same KEY. One cannot exist without the other, and you will need to permanently be both in order to access your powerful, unlimited, multidimensional Self.




Today I am joyfully giving this key unto you my beloved children, because you are FINALLY ready for it. You wouldn’t feel drawn to read/listen to this channeled message otherwise. For Love & Joy are the two highest-vibrational, and most natural states of your higher aspect of Self that cannot be faked. You are either loving/joyful, or you are not. There is no middle ground.


今天我很高兴将这把钥匙交给你,我亲爱的孩子们,因为你终于准备好了。否则你不会被吸引来阅读 / 聆听这篇通灵信息。因为爱与喜悦是你自我更高面向两个最高振动、最自然的状态,无法假装。你要么爱 / 喜悦,要么不是。没有中间地带


Let us now do another amazing visualization exercise together (similar to the one we did in my older channeled message ‘The Art of Letting Go’ written through Adele).




Take several deep breaths to calm and still your mind. When you are ready, visualize that I am now truly standing in front of you offering this amazing golden key that glows with pink love-light. Next, you are happily accepting this key and holding it in your hand. Imagine this key now merging into your hand, to then fully integrate with your physical body; your entire being. The last step is for you to breathe deeply and sit quietly for another minute or two. Use all of your senses to feel the powerful after-affects coming from this energetic merge.





The purest, highest Divine vibrations of LOVE and JOY have just been activated within you, and you are finally ready to ‘wield’ your Higher Dimensional powers.




And just like Harry Potter was able to access his inner Magic/Powers (channeled through his wand) to manifest anything he wished for in his reality, you can do the same! Why do you think Magic is such a popular genre in your books and movies throughout the ages? Subconsciously most of humanity realize that Magic truly exists and that you don’t have to look very far; all you need to do is look within yourself and find the keys to access this Magical, Divine, aspect of your Self.


就像哈利波特能够访问他内在的魔法 / 力量(通过他的魔杖)来显化任何他希望的东西,你也可以这么做!不然你想为什么魔法在这么多世纪的书籍和电影中如此受欢迎?大多数人的潜意识都知道魔法确实是存在的,而它就在你的身边;你所需要做的是向内看,找到访问你这个魔法、神圣面向的钥匙


You are all much more powerful than you appear to be!




Just like your favorite wizard, you are now ready to access your inner Magic/Divine Powers, that will be channeled through your physical body – the vessel of your Spirit. Isn’t this exciting my children? Earth will once again be the wonderful playground it is always meant/was created to be; used to exercise your natural, Divine powers of Creation and Manifestation!


就像你最喜欢的巫师,现在你已经准备好访问你内在的魔法 / 神圣力量,会通过你的物理身体 --- 你精神的器具 --- 被引导。这难道不令人兴奋吗,孩子们?地球会再次成为它注定 / 被创造成为的奇妙的游乐场;用来练习你自然的、神圣的创造和显化力量


The set of 2 keys that you need to access this part of Self have been fully revealed here and given unto you my beloved children. There are truly no limits to what you can create and manifest in your physical reality. And the sooner you believe in this ultimate Truth, the sooner you can also be a walking, talking, breathing modern Ascended Master/Avatar the likes of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses and many other famous men/women who had successfully ascended during their physical incarnations on Planet Earth.


访问这个自我面向的 2 个关键已在这里完全揭示并给予了你,我亲爱的孩子们。对你可以创造和显化什么(在你的物理现实中)真的没有限制。你越快地相信这个终极的真理,你可以越快成为像耶稣、佛陀、克里希纳、摩西以及其他著名的成功扬升之人一样的现代活生生的扬升大师。


The more often you take the time to ‘practice and play’ with your Soul powers, the more you are able to easily create and manifest even more loving and joyful circumstances into your NOW moment!




Let us take the analogy of a young man who is currently a beginner-level driver. This young man just received his brand-new driver’s licence, and doesn’t have much experience driving on the road by himself. Usually his driving instructor, or his parents were always by his side when he was still learning the ropes. Now that he had successfully passed the driving test, he needs to be comfortable and confident about driving by himself. And the only way to achieve this goal, is for him to be out on the road, as much as possible!




Practice truly makes perfect. Understanding the technical know-how, comprehending the best practices and memorizing road rules/regulations can only do so much. What this young man needs next is experiential knowledge, for him to grow confident with his driving skills. You have to deeply realize that there is a massive, big gap between practical/experiential knowledge and theoretical knowledge for everything that you are new to doing/being.


练习确实成就完美。了解技术知识,明白方法,熟记道路规则 / 规定只能做这么多。这个年轻人接下来需要的是经验,好让他对自己的驾驶技术提高信心。你必须深深地意识到在实际经验和理论知识之间有着巨大的差距,对于任何你第一次做 / 成为的东西来说


And just like this young driver, now that you know, understand, and (hopefully) believe that you have: received the 2 keys and fully integrated with your Higher Self in every way; the next step is quite simple! You need to start ‘flexing your newborn, Higher-dimensional muscles’ and start creating/manifesting!


就像这个年轻的司机,现在你知道,明白,并相信(希望如此)你已经:收到 2 个关键并在各个方面与你的更高自我完全整合;下一步很简单!你需要开始“锻炼你新生的,更高维度的肌肉”并开始创造 / 显化


Don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance as we are eager to help you get started on the next part of your journey, where magic is real and miracles abound.




In my older channeled message mentioned above, I had revealed the 3 magical statements you should be saying often to: at first, activate your previously-sleeping God-DNA and then later, to daily affirm your intention to align with the goal of complete embodiment of Higher Self. Most of you here have been saying those affirmations regularly, and they have been working to change you in wonderful, amazing ways!


在我之前的信息中(上面提到的),我揭示了 3 个有魔力的语句,你应当经常述说:首先,激活你休眠的神之 DNA ,然后,每日肯定你的意图去和更高自我的完全体现目标对齐。在这里的大多数人定期地述说着那些肯定语,它们一直致力于在奇妙,惊人的方式中改变你


Those 3 affirmations are the First Key to align your Mental Body (i.e. your Mind) with your Divine Self. What you think often, what you say out loud regularly, will over time become the basis/foundation of your new set of beliefs. Your ‘new’ fifth dimensional beliefs, to be exact.




Feeling/being joyous and loving, is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, that completes the whole picture. It is the Second & last Key needed to align your Emotional Body with your Divine Self. And in case anyone is wondering, ‘what picture?’, it is simply the beautiful, amazing image of your powerful, Multidimensional, God/Goddess Self.


感到 / 成为喜悦与爱,是拼图的最后一块,会完整整个画面。这是将你的情绪身体和你神圣自我对齐所需的第二个和最后一个关键。以防有人好奇,“什么画面?”它只是你强大的、多维度的、神 / 女神自我美丽且惊人的画面


The main picture Adele had used to represent this particular channeled message was selected carefully to give you all a sense of how powerful you are, and how ready you are now, to wield Divine Light Energy! It is truly a wonderful sample of the above-mentioned jigsaw puzzle, representing your 5-D, newborn Self, that the world can now see, after the real You have finally come out to the open.


管道为这篇信息选择的主图是精挑细选的,来给予你们一个你有多强大的感知,以及你已经多么地准备充分去行使神圣的光之能量!它确实是一个美妙的样本,关于上述的拼图,代表你 5D 、新生的自我,世界现在可以看到,在真正的你终于出现后





  You are NOW ready to fly to greater heights; soaring FREE from all third-dimensional limitations to reach infinite potentials.




What is it exactly about the energies of these past few days, that makes many of you here finally ready to receive the Second Key?




All of you here have successfully completed a period of extreme cleansing phase during the July-August Crucible Astrology. You had gone through a period of intense planetary retrogrades, powerful lunar cycles, Lions Gate portal opening peaking on the 8th of August; all of these celestial events had served to assist you to permanently eliminate most of your ‘excess baggage’. The entire Human Collective had undergone a massive purging of all that are no longer serving your Highest Good. This purge was happening on both the micro (individual) and macro (collective) levels. And it has been a massive success!


在这里的所有人在 7 -8 月星象期间成功完成了一个极端清理的阶段。你经历了一个强烈的行星逆转、强大的月亮周期、狮子门户的高峰( 8 8 日);所有这些天体事件协助了你永久地消除你大部分的“累赘”。整体人类经历了一个大规模地清理不再服务于你最高良善的东西。这个清理发生在微观(个体)和宏观(集体)层面。这是一个巨大的成功


Many of you here are now feeling much Light-er than you have ever been before. You have shed a lot of burdens, toxicity, or heaviness coming from your past experiences,




3-D conditioning and belief systems – and are now ready to leave them all behind you.


3D 的状况和信仰体系 --- 已经准备好离去


Let us compare your Ascension journey, with another, similar goal some people have of one day climbing and finally reaching the summit of Mount Everest – one of the two tallest mountains on your planet. For both of these goals, you will have more chances of succeeding by being thoroughly prepared, and by carrying only what you will actually need for the arduous journey up the mountain path.


让我们将你的扬升之旅比喻成一些人想要有一天登上珠穆朗玛峰的目标 --- 地球上最高的两个山峰之一。对于这些目标,通过做好充分的准备,通过只携带你实际需要的,你会更有机会获得成功。


The wise climber, one who is determined to reach his destination safely, successfully and at his own pace, will know NOT to carry any ‘excess baggage’ that will later on prove to be a major hindrance for his uphill journey. This is only if the climber is actually serious about succeeding and about not giving up halfway.




And for those of you who are feeling tired, exhausted and perhaps even ready to give up, let me assure you my children. Once you reach the mountaintop, the views are very much worth the climb, effort, exertion, sweat or even tears you experienced on your journey to get there! And the major difference between your Ascension journey and the climb to the Summit of Mt Everest is, once you get to the Mountaintop, i.e. once you have successfully ascended, you will never need to walk back down the mountain path! You will be staying up there forever; for as long as you wish to stay!




For the Light has won! And it is here to stay.




Not that victory was ever in doubt since it was always guaranteed. I am simply reassuring you my children, that 5-D Earth has now become an absolute certainty. All available, probable future timelines for Humanity that we can view today from our Higher Perspective, are leading to the definite, physical manifestation of the Golden Age for Gaia, your Earth Mother and for the entire Human Collective.


不是胜利总是悬而不决,因为它总是被保证的。我只是在让你安心,我的孩子们, 5D 地球已经成为一个绝对的肯定性。今天我们可以从更高视角审视的所有可用的、可能的未来时间线,都会导向黄金时代肯定的物理显化,为盖亚母亲和整个人类集体


Planet Earth’s frequency of Light as of today is the highest it has ever been, ever since the fall of Atlantis. And it is only going to keep on rising, very much well beyond the height of your planet’s last Golden Age during the time of Atlantis. As we, your Father/Mother God have long ago decreed that the entire ‘Duality/Polarity’ experiment on Planet Earth will come to its natural conclusion in the year of 2012.


今天地球的光之频率从亚特兰蒂斯的陨落以来是最高的。它只会继续上升,远远地超越亚特兰蒂斯时期地球最后的黄金时代的高度。正如我们,你的父母神很久前就发令的,地球上的“二元性 / 极性”实验会在 2012 年自然结束


And in this Year Six of New Earth, it is now time for Gaia and all of you, to return to your Multidimensional, Galactic Selves. It is now time for all of you to return to the Truth, to the magnificent Light of Thy Self, and to my warm embrace.




Welcome HOME my beloved.




Those of you who have been walking through life desperately missing Home; who have been feeling like they didn’t belong here; please believe me when I say that this feeling will soon go away very naturally. Every day, as Earth’s vibrations continue to rise, being here will feel more and more like being Home, and you will be once again (on a day not too far in the future) be living in a pristine Paradise – the Garden of Eden I had long ago created for you, right here on this very planet.


你们那些极度想家的人;感到并不属于这里的人;请相信我,当我说这个感受很快会自然消失。每一天,随着地球的振动继续提升,呆在这里会感到更像家,你会再次(在不远的将来)生活于一个原始的天堂 --- 我很久前就为你创造的伊甸园,就在这个星球上


The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is NOW here, and it is time for you to start rolling up your sleeves and have fun by creating your own version/vision of Heaven right here, right now. For this is the main purpose of your being physically incarnate here: to assist and participate in the creation/manifestation of 5-D Earth!


地球上的天堂王国就在这里,是时候开始卷起你的袖子,在此时此刻创造你自己的天堂愿景 / 版本时玩得开心。因为这就是你化身于此的主要目标:协助和参与 5D 地球的创造 / 显化


As one of the main energetic nexus points of this Universe, wherever Earth goes, your solar system, galaxy, and most parts of this Universe will eventually follow. And this is why Gaia and her inhabitants are receiving massive amounts of assistance coming from many higher dimensional beings from different civilizations across the Universe. It is very important for Gaia and the Human Collective to ascend, as your success or failure, will have massive repercussions that will impact ALL.




And when humanity’s evolutionary level as a whole has reached the higher levels of 5-D or above, you will also one day be asked to assist other civilization(s) undergoing the same Ascension process. What you are learning/have learned here as a species, have all been recorded in the Universal Library of Knowledge, to be used as Operating Manual/Textbook on the subject of: ‘How to successfully prepare, create and manifest Ascension for a planet and all its inhabitants‘.


当人类集体的进化到达 5D 或之上的更高层级,有一天你也会被请求去协助其他的文明经历相同的扬升进程。你们作为一个物种正在学习 / 已经学习的,都被记录在宇宙的知识图书馆中,会被用作“如何让一个星球和它的居民成功准备,创造并显化扬升”的操作手册 / 教科书。


It is the very first textbook of its kind ever created! The entire Universe is avidly watching you; watching the entire process/play wonderfully unfolding now – just as you would when watching your favorite TV show/sports games. All of you incarnated Souls who have chosen to be here on planet Earth to assist with this massive collaborative process, are the very famous, legendary trailblazers.


它是这类教科书有史以来的第一本!整个宇宙在热情地观看着你;观看着整体进程 / 剧本奇妙地展开 --- 就像你观看你喜欢的电视节目 / 体育游戏。所有化身的灵魂选择前来协助这个巨大的合作进程,都是非常著名的传奇般的先锋


You are known throughout the Multiverse as a race of beings who have done what most thought was impossible to do! Your courage, bravery, tenacity have successfully brought about the near-completion of Project: Planetary-wide Ascension. And your success will be the foundation for many similar dramas/plays about to be created; about to unfold in many other planets across this particular Universe.


在多元宇宙中你们被知晓为完成了大多数人认为不可能事物的种族!你的勇气、坚毅成功地带来了行星扬升项目的近乎完结。你的成功会是许多类似戏剧 / 剧本的基础;会在这个特别的宇宙中其他星球展开的


Sit still for a minute, breathe deeply and tune in to our presence. Feel the applause, the standing ovation and heartfelt gratitude given by all of us here in the Higher Realms in acknowledgement for all of your hard work to get to where you are today. We are deeply humbled by the magnificence of the Human Spirit, and in awe for all that you are.




Now, the hard part is well and truly over, for those of you here who have been awakened for quite awhile; who have, or almost, completed your Inner cleaning/cleansing phase. The climbing part of the journey is over! All paths, all routes that are now available for you to take, to get you on that mountaintop have become easier. If rock climbing, mountain hiking/climbing is one of your favorite pastimes, think of the grade of your climb has gone from Grade 6 (most challenging), to Grade 1 (the easiest). This is truly the time for more JOY to come into your life, during this remaining, final lap of your Ascension process.


现在,困难的部分确实已经结束,对于你们那些觉醒有一段时间的人;已经,或几乎就要完成你内在清理 / 净化阶段的人。旅程的攀登部分已经结束!所有的道路、路线现在都可供你使用,让你能更容易地到达山顶。如果攀岩、山地远足 / 登山是你最喜欢的消遣之一,思考你的攀登难度等级从 6 (最难)降到了 1 (最简单)。这确实是让更多的喜悦进入你生活的时间,在你扬升进程剩下的最后一圈中


During this final leg of your journey there, you can take your time to chat & have fun with the people accompanying you on this same path; you can take the time to smell the flowers, talk to the birds and the trees; enjoy the breeze, the mountain views and the fresher air. And when you do this, joy will slip into every aspect of your wondrous life, so naturally; seemingly without effort. Being here on Earth will no longer feel like a heavy burden, a duty, a task that most of you have been feeling, deep within. Life here will begin to feel so magical; something for you to genuinely feel grateful and honored about – for the opportunity that has been given for you, to witness the unfolding Planetary-wide Ascension Miracle from your front seat!


在你旅程的最后一圈中,你可以花时间与在这条相同的道路上陪伴你的人聊聊天,一起玩一玩;你可以花时间闻闻花香,与鸟儿和树木说说话;享受微风,山顶的风景和新鲜的空气。当你这么做,喜悦会溜进你奇妙生活的每个面向,非常自然地;毫不费力地。处于地球不再会感觉像是一个负担,一种责任,一项任务,你们大多数人一直感受的。生活会开始感到充满魔力;让你能够真诚地感到感激和荣耀 --- 因为你有机会见证行星扬升的奇迹在你面前展开


My beloved, take both of the hands I am reaching out to you right now and come with Me. I will be there every step of the way during this final leg of your Ascension journey. Along with Mother God, and all members of your hardworking spirit teams.




Call upon Archangel Sandalphon to help infuse your daily life with so much joy, so much fun and with plenty of beautiful music, so that you can skip, dance, walk or jog the rest of the way in exultation.




Call upon Lord Merlin to help you access your Inner Divine Magic.




Call upon Lord Sananda to show or remind you on how to be Unconditionally Loving no matter what.




All of us stand ready to assist, and nothing is impossible! You are Unlimited in every way, and it is time for you to bridge the gap between ‘knowing and understanding’ this, and ‘becoming and embodying’ the Greatness, Glorious Nature that is your True Self!




Beloved Ascended Masters that you, once again, have now returned to be: your Light, your Power, your Beauty and your Magnificence is a wonderful, grand sight to behold.




The Nova Gaia, peaceful, happy, abundant New Earth you have been praying for is NOW HERE, and blessed be all who are in it!




Much love for you all, eternally,




Your Father God.




通灵:Adele Arini

翻译:Nick Chan






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