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Lord Sananda

To Begin Monday, September 4, 2017

三位一体冥想 No. 772


周一, 9



Greetings, my beautiful Eagles! This is Sananda, and I would like to add my words of congratulations to those of Ashtar. Truly, even those of us in the higher realms are in awe of the magnificent Light that is emanating from Earth, for it spreads throughout the galaxy!




The energies you have received in your month of August have brought an immense heart opening. And, yes, I speak even of the flooding that has, and is, transpiring in your Gulf Coast region of Texas in the U.S. It is the perfect model of Unity Consciousness in action, regardless of race, culture or politics, one person helping another, all working together. And this is how is it decreed to be. So we encourage you to keep up the momentum.


你们在 8 月份接收到的能量已经带来了巨大的心灵开放。是的,我的意思是甚至美国得克萨斯海湾地区发生的洪水,它是行动中合一意识的完美典范,不管种族、文化或政治,一个帮一个,协同工作。就应该这样,我们鼓励你们保持下去。


For the first part of your next meditation we are asking you to focus on the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, sending it the energy of Love with the Divine Intent of anchoring Balance. The activity of your sun has caused a bit of a wobble in the planet, so this should help.




Next, I would ask that you then repeat, “I now connect with the Unity Consciousness Grid of Earth” and let those energies fill you. Feel the joy and love of this Grid.




Lastly, you are asked to then turn your focus to the peoples of Earth, and send that joy and love to all hearts/minds on the planet.




Do not give up, my sweet ones, for all is nearly accomplished! I AM Sananda, never leaving you, and always surrounding you with my love. Shalom!




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