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Welcome to this game called Life on earth.



I AM the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.



The Consciousness cannot be imagined or explained. The Consciousness does not have,

 but it can create anything.

The Consciousness is the source of all things.

 It has many different names, 

one of which is the Dao.






The Consciousness has no limits, so there is no place where it ends.

The Consciousness has no limits,

 so a being living in the Consciousness is also not limited in anything. 

Such a being is perfect in every way, 

is omnipotent, all-knowing and other all-(s).




It is the Consciousness itself which is experiencing. So it can be said that the evolution is a game played by the Consciousness.



The evolution (expansion of the Consciousness sphere) of a being happens smoothly. In case of the human, the evolution means the process of expanding of his/her Consciousness sphere towards the intuition.




There is no such thing as something better or something worse in the evolution, but there are spheres of the Consciousness and different innumerable possibilities to experience Life in them. Every being has the Consciousness in its essence (source or root). Every being is an experience of imperfection in a particular sphere of the Consciousness.



The infinitely small part created by the Consciousness, I call it IAM. In reality, IAM is the Consciousness.



 IAM is an imagined, individualized part of the Consciousness, like a drop of water is a part of the ocean.



 IAM is the source, the essence, the primary cause, the creator of every being. Every being exists in IAM because it has been created in IAM.




 IAM, that is you, momentarily separated but naturally merging back with the Consciousness, returning home regardless of what you are, where you are and what you believe. Use your intuition, not the thinking, to understand this message.




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MIND, that is intuition, intellect, instinct, is a product of IAM.



 All of the matter, including physical body, is a picture in your mind.



 THE STRUCTURE OF MAN——All of the matter, including the spirit and body, is in the mind. The mind is in IAM. IAM is in the Consciousness. Your body is an image in your mind.



 In your life, your mind is a horse that is pulling a cart (which is your body). The cart is inertly following the horse; it does not make decisions on its own. The cart moves ahead when the horse is walking, it stops when the horse is standing and it rolls back when the horse is not in control.




The intellect THINKS only, it does not know and does not act.


The instinct ACTS only, it does not know and does not think.




Intuition also serves as a kind of a link or gateway to IAM for human.



Intuition is pure knowledge.



The intuition is the best adviser. If you can hear it well, you need no advice. If you cannot yet, then judgment is your best adviser.



 It is the part of the mind, which knows “everything” without any question, thinking, creating or searching. There is no question in the intuition. Even if there appeared one, at the same moment the answer would appear too. Actually, there is no such thing as the “moment” in the intuition either, because the time (together with other illusions) does not exist in the intuition.

Time, space and bi-polar world do not exist in the intuition. They are the creations of the smaller sphere of the Consciousness called the intellect.


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