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Greetings and Salutations,




There is a bit of shifting of things going on. We are comfortable enough to say that things are beginning to look up. The continual end runs have about run their course and the hijacking that has been going on is seen for what it is. Make the effort to stay focused and be aware of patience and tolerance for just a bit longer. The good things coming are worth it!! The efforts of quite a number of people are near gargantuan  far more than you are privileged to understand; sure you could know about them but unless you were behind the scenes with this group of untiring workers you would still have no clue how tedious the work is with so little relief for such a very long time.


有些转变正在发生。我们足够舒心地说事情正在开始好转。持续的迂回终于可以按进程进行,所发生的劫持已被看到它的所是。努力去保持专注,耐心和容忍。正在到来的美好事物值得等待!许多人的努力接近庞大 --- 远超你的理解;当然你可以了解他们但除非你在幕后和这个不知疲倦的团队一起,否则你无法想象工作是多么地沉长乏味,这么长时间以来


You could see some things happening very shortly. Just rest in that and be at peace with that. It is beyond most human minds to figure this out. You are up against a banking cartel that has held all the key plays for a very long time and theres no one to force their hand, that in a nutshell is why this is where it is. All of this is operating outside the realm of the known international law; it is not fit to say it could be handled by the USA nor Canada, nor Europe, nor the Chinese. It has many pieces that are new to the players along with their need to hold the funds for their purposes. Besides all of that, theres the ineffective manner in which the entire international banking tends to work far more slowly than any other level of bankingP.









Hi Community,




We are all playing a part in the Biggest Shift Humanity has ever experienced. Change is in the air.Embrace It!!!




Change is uncontrollable




Change is inevitable




Change is the unknown




Being an Army of Light Warriors our essence is ushering in the new financial reforms. As we jointly hold the Vision our success is assured.













Zap Says








i have asked this before and ask again: what will people do with all the money that is coming out? with the amounts getting into the system, prudence dictates some checks and balances to be in place so that not too many stupid things take place when people have money finally, and go shopping.




when spending money it will be left up to the people to follow their hearts, their conscience, and hopefully the advice of a wealth management expert. a good one always tries to sell you bank products like term deposits, cds, mutual funds, etc. and taking such advice may be a good thing for many.




good tax attorneys provide structures by which you can mitigate your tax exposure, and competent accounting firms can keep track of your holdings. many experts out there, and with a bit of money spent on them, you will gain wisdom pretty cheaply. go hunt up some that you would like to work with.




spending till the cows come home will break you, and you will be better off with no money. the lottery mentality scenario is a powerful force, and those that realize a bonanza buy a million dollar house, buy toys, and spend a lot on friends and family. then they find themselves with a couple hundred thousand left. then they figure they should seek expert advice because the house taxes are due, and that eats the remainder of their money. their debt load has increased, and soon they have to sell the house and toys to keep up with the debt load. they are worse off than before.




be careful. seek professional advice as it will serve you well. of course buy a house and car and all that, but before you do, get that expert working for you otherwise you may fall into that lottery trap.




very soon we will see evidence of money being spent all over the place, and the trickle down effect will begin as new money is introduced into the economies. simply put, we are smack in the middle of the reset.




so i am somewhat happy now seeing all this taking place and verifying everything to date. one step after another has allowed us to get here. quite extraordinary really.




also remember the gold purchases that countries have made, and continue to make. this is in preparation for the age of gold backed currency. a couple years back, iraq bought 36 tons of gold in the last week of march then, and it was the 5th largest purchase in the world which more than doubled their original 27 tons. this applied to many other countries as they doubled and tripled their gold reserves. at no time in history has such a series of purchases occurred, and that in itself is very significant to note. then iraq paid off the majority of their debt in paris and the world trade fund ordered the us to release the iraqi funds held for more than 20 years to offset iraqs debt to the us.


别忘了国家所购买的黄金,还会继续购买。这是为黄金支持的货币时代做准备。几年前,伊拉克在 3 月底买了 36 吨黄金,这是世界第五大的购买量,比起他们原来的 27 顿翻了一番。许多国家也一样,加倍了他们的黄金储备。历史上从来没有这样的购买发生,就其本身而言就是重大的。然后伊拉克在巴黎付清了大多数债务,世界贸易基金要求美国释放 20 多年的伊拉克基金来抵消伊拉克对美国的债务


so, the dear purple pigs are flying all over the place as the pace accelerates, and more and more funds start getting out. my advice is simple: watch it happen as it unfolds, and be patient. the funds will arrive and anxiety over timing is not the best thing to do now  it is a matter of short days only.enjoy the wait and the show.


因此,亲爱的紫色小猪( purple pigs )到处乱飞,随着速度加快,越来越多的基金开始释放。我的建议很简单:看着它发生,保持耐心。基金会到来,对具体时间的焦虑不是现在最好的选项 --- 只有很短的时间了 ... 享受等待和表演吧


what about our consciousness and stage of enlightenment? our evolution demands big change, and the timing of the rv is no accident or coincidence at this time. all of the world events now test our mettle and conviction of intent. alternatively put, time for words to turn into action.




divinity walks on 2 feet. this was poofs message. it is a profound message and a true one. we all have that spark of divinity in us. we are the stuff of stars. the more we understand the various truths, the more revelations and epiphanies we experience and the more we grow and get enlightened.


神性两步两步地走。这是 poof 的信息。这是一个深刻和真实的信息。我们之内都有那神圣的火花。我们都是明星。我们越多地明白各种真理,我们会体验更多的启示和顿悟,我们会越多地成长和开明


heres a thought: all is perfect anyways regardless of how messy it may seem.




why do i say this? (this would answer why the creator allows such things to go on)




the answer is that this is a planet of choice. of free will. this does not exist upstairs, as it can not (different rule set). since god is love, and love is all, then what happens that is perceived as bad or evil is actually just a diminished form of love (to a very large extent of course), but it is love nevertheless.




in whatever happens, there is always some lesson..some giftsomething that can make a difference either small or profound. you just have to look for it in the mess that is in front of you. the yin/yang ha a similar message of perfection mingled with balance.


无论发生了什么,总是有着课程 ... 礼物 ... 可以做出不同的东西,无论大小。你只需寻找,在你面前的混乱中。阴阳有着完美的平衡这样类似的信息


but the real bottom line is that if it is love, it must be perfect. so understanding that, it became easy to look see perfection wherever you look.




so the two things i am setting forth here is to be careful with your money and do wise things when you get it, and always remember that all is well and perfect. look for the good in everything, not what is on the surface.




i expect wonderful news to surface this coming week.




god bless, we love you.




in steady gratitude.




love and light




in our service








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