Dear Ones,




I greet you this day and all days. I AM accompanying you always, on this journey back to the WHOLENESS of who YOU are.




I now invite you to come back fully to your true-self, your Soul, your essence.




Step away from the egoic old self - the pretending to be human, and embrace all that you truly are - Soul self, spirit, co-creator with the creator, the ALL THAT IS. This is your true Be-ing.




Continue to seek YOU from the inside out, not the other way around. Such gifts and rewards await the true discovery of what is contained within your true Be-ing.




Much transformation continues in your outer world, which of course is a reflection of your inner world.




As you learn to embrace more of who you Truly Are, the transformation will be rapid. This allows you to then walk more comfortably in the outer realms balancing all as you proceed.




Your Mastery is rapidly expanding as the current energetics continue to transform all that is within and around you.




As Masters you are now watching as the old world implodes and you can see the beauty in what is unfolding. No longer caught up in the appearance of devastation, knowing that all is unfolding in perfect ways. As this transition continues to out play, you are taking more personal responsibility for how you chose to react in any given situation.




You see, and intuitively know, all that is unfolding has a “gift” within the broken shell of its first appearance. You “know” that what is transpiring is for the betterment of ALL humanity. You are accepting what is truly important in your lives and that is the LOVE YOU ARE, and the LOVE YOU GIVE TO OTHERS.




Your heart chakras are growing in magnificence and are expanding your LOVE and LIGHT exponentially to encapsulate all who come into your presence.




You are also Mastering the art of Letting Go, knowing the only one you can “save” is yourself. Dear Ones, we remind you this is not a selfish act - this is what is required. As you Let-Go, forgive yourself and others you heart expands more fully and you then set an example for others to follow.




They witness your tranquility, knowing that you have had to reach deep within yourself. They have witnessed your struggles and yet they also see your joys. Many wish to “KNOW” what assists you to stay in that joy even though your life path has not been an easy one.




How did you achieve such peace? How did you survive that........... and still be radiating LOVE AND LIGHT?




Others want to Know what YOU know, for Dear Ones, everyone is experiencing change, and transformation at this time - NO ONE is immune to what is unfolding.




Many are searching for the “secret ingredient” of surviving this Evolution with Ease and Grace, even when faced with utter devastation.




Each of YOU have a chance in every moment as to how you will react to the rapid collapse of the old Earth which is crumbling before your eyes, faster everyday.




Those of you who are REMEMBERING why you stepped forward at this transitional time are being tasked with assisting those still awakening.




Many have undergone huge transformation within your own lives which allows you the knowledge and experience to lead others through the maze.




Having “survived” what was required for you to walk this New Earth you are the perfect “guides” to bring those still searching, back into the LIGHT.




Your Planet has reached a time of great freedom. You are experiencing the shackles falling away increasingly each day. With each Energetic shift, you are aware how much has changed within you. You are no longer the person you once were and others are noticing and commenting. How many of you have been told lately - I don’t recognise you as the person I once knew!!!




Dear Ones, embrace each other, share your stories of survival and give hope to those stepping onto the path. Share the tools that allowed you to reach this new place of freedom.




Everything happens by osmosis, as you become Lighter and more Heart centred so it will be for all.




YOU are leading the way, shining your Light. Even the darkness now has no choice but to follow the LIGHT, FOR THAT IS NOW ALL THAT IS RADIATING.




YOU are the Light, YOU are the Love.




Shine brightly Dear Ones for all to see.




Freedom becomes YOU.




And so it is.








通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan





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