We understand that many of you are feeling somewhat lost in terms of how to proceed.Your predictability seems to be goneand that can feel disconcerting to say the least.The energies are continuously shiftingthe planet is continually shifting.You are continually shifting! Even the weather is different than what you would normally expect for your seasons.




Dear Onesyou are in unprecedented times.Because you are entering uncharted territoryyou don't always know what to expect.The way to navigate such times is to stay fully present and simply take things one Now moment at a time.That is the gift of rapidly shifting energy.It keeps you present.




As you stay presentyou make decisions that best match where you are today.By staying in the Nowyou are not tainting your creations by trying to drag forward the energy of the past or projecting your fears of the future.You are making one mindful choice at a timelearning and working with what honours you.It is willingly moving into a conscious dance with the universe and creating anewone energetic match at a time.It is a giftyou seethat supports all your brand new beginnings and empowered tomorrows.~Archangel Gabriel







 翻译:Nick Chan




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