Dear Ones, the reactions to the times you are in are vast and varied due to people’s personal histories both past life and current life, conditioning, and level of embodiment.


Telling people to not feel what they are feeling will only exacerbate their discomfort, for it will only add to their resistance. Telling people it is essential to stay out of fear will make them feel even more disempowered and afraid if their current response is fear.


So if you or people you love are having the very normal reaction of fear, acknowledge it. The gift of fear is it is notifying you of something so you can keep yourself safe.


A helpful practice, once you have acknowledged the fear is to look around you in your now moment and assess your safety. The vast majority of the time you are safe in your now moment. What is working in your present moment? What can you be thankful for in your immediate surroundings? What can you be thankful for within your own body?


Next connect with your inner wise one. Within every one of you there is a guiding force, your own divine essence, that always knows how to move you forward. When you drop into your innate wisdom, you will feel calmer and more balanced.


If you are having trouble connecting to your inner wise one, go back to assessing your immediate environment. Breathe. What can you do that makes you feel safest? What can you do that you can be non-resistant to?


Once you are in that more supportive space, call upon your inner wise one. You may find it helpful to experiment until you find the conditions that make it easiest to make that connection. Then remember to move into that alignment when you need it. Rest assured that simply having the intention to connect with the wisdom that is always within you and then taking the action step to do it, however it feels right to you, is all that is required.


Once you have connected to your inner wise one, allow it to have a conversation with your fear. Acknowledge it. Thank it for its service. Then have it pass the reins to the empowered part of you and give it the rest, the reassurance, and the love it needs. Comfort it and nurture it like you would a small child.


Dear Ones, your wisdom is the core of you. It is always there to lead you, to love you, to help you navigate, and reassure yourself and others. Simply recognizing it is always available to you and having the intention to connect with it is all you need to do.


Doesn’t that feel much more empowering than chastising yourselves for having the very normal initial reaction of fear? Acknowledging and bringing your beautiful innate wisdom to the forefront is one of the greatest gifts that can come from the times you are in right now. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


原文: https://trinityesoterics.com/daily-message/

翻译:Nick Chan





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