Greetings dear ones!I AM Archangel Raphael, Archangel of Love and Emerald Light, Healer and Physician in this universe, in service to the Mother and in service to you all. Call me, dear ones, for any type of discomfort, and it doesn’t have to be a physical one, it can be emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual, it matters not, for I love to be of assistance and to be the support by your side.




Brave angels of love, you are doing soooo much, you are the way-showers, the teachers, the channels of light, and the healers of the hearts, the nurturers for so many. But I ask thee, “Are you doing the same for your dear selves? Are you, as we had discussed just recently, tending to yourselves first? And do you understand what that really means and that there are many parts of thee that may still need your loving nurturing care?”




You tend to get distracted by the old ways of allowing others to take precedence when it comes to whom you choose to place your attention on. Indeed out of habit, and yes, sometimes out of fear. And let’s discuss briefly what kind of fears we are talking about: Fear of letting others down, fear of neglecting your loved ones, your friends and family that seem to need your care constantly.




But dear hearts, is this the worst fear that you have?Or is it still that fear that you don’t want to look deeply into your dear selves to see, for you might find that there are still little pieces of you that are not “good enough”or not “worthy”of your love? And I am here to say to thee that this is not of the truth, that these are only some misunderstood and misplaced perceptions of your immature self that had interpreted his or her intensely experienced feelings as being bad, not good, and not worthy…the not lovable one.




And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the current lifetime inner child self that is still hurting, or if we are referring to past lifetimes when you had chosen to experience some of the negative side of the duality spectrum, for they both carry the same weight of immaturity and lack of higher understanding of the divine purpose.




It is time that you rise above any judgments, and with the utmost courage, take my hand. And yes, invite your universal self along, invite the Mother, and the entire Council of Love, for we are all elated to witness your deepest diving into the hidden parts of your dear selves, and then to applaud and cheer you on while you are rising up into your wholeness, beauty, and perfection.




You have been looking up to heavens, to the higher parts of yourselves, to complete and to fulfill thee, but though these are parts of thee indeed, there are still parts of the lower selves that need to come together and be integrated so you can step truly into the fullness of who you are. You might compare this quest of completion with the angelic soprano singer who uses the highest octaves to take you flying through the clouds and highs with her voice, enchanting you and transporting you home at any time.




But grounding on Earth, your other home, is also needed, and for that you can use the analogy of becoming the gentle tenor who knows to take the lowest musical notes and capture millions with the strength and the power in his voice, yes, using it in the service of love. Dear hearts you are all combinations of both, working on the most beautiful and enthralling personal divine song that is intertwining with the songs of everyone.




Allow me to assist thee with my healing emerald! Allow me to walk and sing with thee!





通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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