The world is reeling from a pandemic like no other ever seen in the world. As more cases of the Corona Virus are revealed, people are going into social isolation on a global scale. The contagious nature of the virus supersedes its health implications for, as many people have died, a far greater number have recovered. The fear factor, however, far outweighs anything else as panic reaches fever pitch. The very nature of this virus attack is symbolic of how quickly the mind can succumb to fear, panic and negativity. No matter the source of the virus or any reason it may have been introduced, the effects on global economies are far reaching and could also have catastrophic consequences for smaller businesses and economies. The effects of social isolation on the mental and emotional wellbeing of older or more lonely people cannot be discounted either.


世界被前所未见的瘟疫席卷。随着更多的病例出现,人们进入全球规模的社交隔离。病毒的传染性质取代了它健康的含义(health implications),因为许多人过世,但更多的人恢复。恐惧因素,无论如何,远远超过任何东西,随着恐慌白热化。这个病毒攻击的本质象征着头脑可以多快速屈服于恐惧、恐慌和消极。无论病毒的来源是什么或任何它被引入的原因,对全球经济的影响是深远的,对中小企业和经济也会产生灾难性的影响。社交隔离对年长者或更加孤独之人的精神和情感健康所产生的影响也不能被忽视

The main symptom of a fear-based, panic reaction such as is being seen on Earth now is a mass disconnection from Universal love and from God; although people may pray for salvation, most do from a place of fear and reprisals for the sins of man, which is neither necessary nor helpful. Spiritual disconnection leads to behaviour based on fight and flight, often showing unreasonable responses rather than calm consideration, common sense and logic. If there were any time to take a deep breath, ground and connect to nature, dear ones, now would be it!



The word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ in Spanish. Whether the virus has infected individuals or not, the resulting mass disconnection from the Creator of All That Is and His/Her unconditional love in those who have succumbed to the fear means that the virus has lived up to its name – it has attacked the Crown chakra of these people and shut down their spiritual defences. What do I mean by this term?