Surrendering into your truest life expression is the only broad intention you need, for it will automatically hold all the love and support required for you to thrive in all ways. The flow is there to serve you, Dear Ones, as you serve through your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




Dear Ones, your willingness to move is an essential aspect for comfort, creation, and balance.




You are always the energetic leader of your life expression. By being willing to move, you put action to your intentions. You join the flow of Source. You enter the realm of potential and possibility.




You cannot guide something that is not in some form of movement. Think of a riding a bicycle. If you try to stay in one place, you will tip over. But the second you start to move forward, balance is much easier to experience and progress can be made.




Your choices show your preferences and the direction you would like to move toward. Your first step shows your cooperation to grow and expand. The unfoldment will always reveal the next steps. You give your valuable feedback through your gratitude and focus.




Expansion honours your soul. Stagnation is unsustainable. This is why resistance is always met with discomfort. It serves as a redirectional tool back into the freedom, expansion, and discovery your soul is always seeking.




As you move forward in the new energies, any ways you may have been practicing resistance or attempting to stay in situations that do not honour your growth and well-being will come up very clearly into your awareness. This is a wonderful thing, for it allows you to choose again.




And the beautiful thing is you can embrace that forward movement any time you like, without the need for deep discomfort as a precursor. In fact, that is what you will find yourselves doing more and more as you continue on the beautiful path of self honour and self expression that is the beingness phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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