Greetings dearest ones! I am Master Apollo and come to greet you today in love and appreciation for the wonderful work of love that you are doing.




You see, there were some that saw and perceived me as a god but I do not introduce myself as such, for I do not want you to feel that I consider myself in any way, shape or form, on a higher or different level than you. I am a teacher, I am your close friend and family, I am here as much as the rest of the Council of Love to assist and send you that loving energy of the One, the Source, to bring you some encouragement until you completely and permanently align yourself with the knowing that you are Gods and Goddesses, that you are masters in your own right, just as much as we are.


你看,一些人视我为神,但我并不如此介绍我自己,因为我不想让你感到我在任何方式中认为自己,处于比你更高的层面或不同的层面,形态或形状。我是一名教师,我是你亲密的朋友和家人,我在这里就像爱之委员会的其他成员,是来协助,发送你一,源头的爱之能量,带给你一些鼓励,直到你完全,永久地将自己和你就是神 / 女神的知晓对齐 --- 你就是自身权利中的大师,就像我们


You know that the Mother and Father will not bring into manifestation anything less glorious then the perfection and the beauty that mirrors the One, and this is who you are, you just need to gently remind yourselves of this truth. And even though you are intending, declaring and willing to be that love and that perfection, you are still saying to me, “ Dear brother, I can’t seem to feel this truth in my heart, and as much as I want to be and respond only with love, there are times when I feel so depleted and so numb that all I want to do is retreat and be left alone.”




And this is what I am here to talk to thee about dear ones: You do need to remember to come home often to be replenished, and to be filled with love and joy.




You need to understand that it is your nature to go overboard doing so much at every level, helping everyone, giving all of your energy and more, and then feeling that you have not given enough or that you could have helped more. You feel that the entire world is sitting on your shoulders and that should not be the case. While you are immersing yourselves and working within the lower densities there is a great expenditure of light and love energy, for this is in great demand, and there are few that give it so freely and to everyone as you do.


你需要明白这是你的本质,在每个层面上过度地从事,帮助每个人,付出你所有的精力等等,然后感到你没有被充分地给予或者你本可以帮助更多。你感到整个世界都坐落在你的肩膀上,这不应该是这样。当你沉浸 / 工作于较低的密度时,有着一个巨大的光与爱能量的消耗,因为这是被极大地需要,有着一些人和你一样大量地给予它,给每个人


The world that you are working with in this now moment, your beautiful Gaia, is lightening up, no question about it, but there is still need of more and more anchoring of the light so the newly awakened souls can see through their fears and veils. Most of them are taking huge amounts of light from you dearest ones, and you are attracting and bringing close to thee more and more of them every day because you are so diligent in this work of growing and expanding yourselves, thereby increasing your light quotient and the amount of love that you can anchor and transmit to others.




And this is exactly what you should be doing! Give love, and give light, and give blessings to everyone the same, both to loved ones and to the ones who are reacting with fear and anger, without discrimination. Let go of the judgements and of trying to predict or figure out when your loved ones, or the ones not so close to thee, will shift and see the truth! Your genuine love has uplifting effects and works regardless of your awareness of this fact, it doesn’t need you to focus on it and spend more energy on this kind of detail to make it do what it’s supposed to be doing. Love knows what it is doing, and indeed it changes everything.




Also, let go of the worries of not being able to fulfill this minor task, because indeed this is only a part of what and who you are. You have that wonderful capacity to refill your energy in an instant, so do not worry about how much it is appropriate to give to others, knowing that however much you give – love, time, support, or money – you always have enough left for yourselves.


还有,放下担忧无法完成这个小小的任务,因为确实,这只是你所是的一部分。你有这个奇妙的能力在瞬间补充你的能量,所以不要担忧给予他人多少才是恰当的,知晓无论你给予了多少 --- 爱,时间,支持或金钱 --- 你总是有足够地留给自己


Those worries are of the old paradigm of fear, separation and limitation. But you dearest ones, know that this is not the case, that the truth is that everyone has unlimited access to the abundance of all sorts from heavens.




Your hearts are wide open and it takes only a moment to come home and receive all that you need. Better then, that endeavor to see yourselves and your hearts as the source of that abundance, as the sun of your reality and of the world, and that it is constantly renewing, replenishing, faster and faster, so there is always more sunshine, smiles, love, and abundance to be sent out.




Whenever it seems to take longer to manifest anything in your realities it is because you are still having some subconscious blockages and fears, and that needs to be acknowledged and neutralized. And you are already addressing these fears with patience and love for your powerful selves.




Endeavor to be the source and the sun in your home, in your circle of friends and family, in your entire community, and in the world in which you live!




We are here with thee to support you and hold you in our hearts with limitless love!




Until next time, farewell.




阿波罗 20180107 你真诚的爱有着振奋人心的影响并改变了一切

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan



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