These are extremely tough times for the people of Earth.We are going through an Ascension in a physical body with absolutely no context on how to pull this off.We are right in the middle of a massive conflict over control of the human consciousness and the territory of Earth by extremely tyrannical powers,warmongering humans,Archonic non-humans and demonic forces.




Humanity's true star origins and Galactic history is being completely concealed from the public.Along with the fact that the human body is designed to undergo biological and spiritual Ascension into higher dimensional frequencies and shift consciousness by the way we think.This is happening to us right now while all this critical Ascension information is suppressed,manipulated and gaslighted by the mainstream media.




Most of humanity is traveling blindly in a storm of chaos.Looking around unable to see and understand why the world and its inhabitants went to another stage of crazy acting out extreme acts of violence.These deviant humans are pulling black energy from the darkest,deepest depths of their unconscious cellular memory.It's dead energy created from the disconnection of spirit.




This is where the deepest bowels of darkness exists,the collective trauma,pain,deviance,astral garbage,spiritual sickness and satanism.This is all surfacing and being revealed to shine light on it so we become aware of it so we can transform it.




Right now everyone of us whether you know it or not is in a battle with a dark,shadowy entity that we can't identify an invisible silent enemy.All this Ascension information is intentionally being withheld as a divide in conquer warfare tactic which is used to take advantage of us.This is why humanity must come together.We must come together to restore our dignity and divinity to preserve humanity in a world that has been under siege.




Every day we are managing and deflecting these demonic forces that are buried everywhere in this 3-D structure.These forces are designed to hijack,attach to and mind control.We are witnessing the showdown with the Antichrist.




Not all will be battling demons you can see but will be battling demons internally through their personality vices,houses of ego,insecurities,paranoia and personal fears and feeling confused of being uprooted from their reality.Like I've said many times people don't do well with change and like the saying goes"intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."




We are in a battle to free ourselves from alien mind control on this planet.This battle is real and it rages on the inter-dimensional planes.This human Ascension process is what's bringing this harsh reality to the surface.This Awakening process is not random in the least bit.There are those that are leading which are the way-showers and there are those that are let's say a little late to the gate but there's no stopping what's coming.





資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/xinrenyuedu/27231.html





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