Many of you step forward with a desire to create the life of your dreams but falter if things start showing up differently than you expected, or in your opinion, are taking too long to manifest.This leads to fear and doubt, which can result in you being tempted to settle on something that you know isn’t a true match but you perceive as a sure thing.




Settling is a fear-based choice that demonstrates a lack of faith and trust, both in the universe and in your own ability to create. Further, if you settle you are making a choice to attempt to create something new from energy that is already expired.




Please know settling is a great disservice to yourself for you are choosing an option that already holds an element of discomfort for you. It may seem like a safe choice, but in truth it is not because you already know it does not support the expanded experience your soul is seeking.




We understand it can be difficult to trust long enough to allow your highest potentials to show up for you, but this is the exact skill you are developing. Your highest matches exist just beyond what you can see in the realm of potentiality. Staying anchored in trust long enough for the magic to happen is a demonstration of both your self love and your sovereignty. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


我們知道,人們很難相信,有足夠長的時間,來讓自己的最高潛能出現,但這正是你在發展的技能。你最高的匹配,存在于,超越你可見的潛領域之外。在信任中停駐足夠長的時間,直到奇跡發生! 這是你自愛和主權的展



翻译:Nick Chan



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