Greetings!From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The following is a series of questions I have received from the readers of Era of Light. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. The truth awaits you within.




Q: How can I learn to channel?




A: The process of channeling really isn’t about “learning”how to do it, it is about trusting and allowing the energy to come through.




Invite the one entity or group you wish to channel, call their name, tell them you are open to receiving guidance and messages from them. Let them know you wish to communicate with them. You are open for contact in the form you most feel comfortable.




Remember; If you do not trust something 100%, you do not trust it at all. You must BELIEVE that it is all ready happening. Why? Because it really is. You are just not paying attention. Spend time alone and tune in.




Q: What can we expect in 2020?




A: What does your heart say? What do YOU FEEL right now within you? Do not think of the future in terms of the whole world. Only think of your future. What do you wish to see for yourself, what do you wish to experience in 2020? Visualize it, and get the snowball rolling down the hill.




Q: Ive seen even in channelings the channeled entity blaming humans for the condition our world is in. Not just earth but humans and what weve become but how can anyone honestly say that humans are really responsible for our worlds condition?




A: Well, we are responsible to some degree.




I have stated in an article that the dark ones have taken advantage of the angelic innocence of the human being. Though that angelic innocence may have diminished in many modern humans, it is still there, hidden, waiting to be recognized. This was not the case in the ancient times. And by ancient we speak of Atlantis and soon after, where the dark ones came in, took advantage and manipulated the human being.




Most of what we have today in our world, we did not create.It was created for us and basically forced on us by different means by the cabal.




The former dark ones know it, the ones of the light know it, and humans themselves know that the truth is if it were not for “outside”interference, humans would have, long ago evolved into something magnificent.We are not far now from that magnificence.




Q: How can I create a higher reality, more positivity in my life?




A: This reality all ready exists. All that is needed is for you to uplift yourself into that reality. Think positive, visualize, you can use mantras also.




Q: Is Alcyone the great central sun or is there a larger sun at the center of the galaxy?




A: Alcyone is the central sun for our sector of the galaxy.




Q: Im afraid of losing my individuality,.. when the archangels and masters speak of oneness and all becoming one..?




A: Dear one, you do not lose individuality. Eternal and unique you are and shall remain.




When the angels and the masters speak of oneness and becoming one, what they are really saying is for one to become AWARE that we are all composed of the same essence. That is all. Within that essence, each soul plays a different TONE to the Universal Orchestra.




Each and every soul eternally holds their uniqueness and individuality. The child that is born will not and cannot go back into the mothers womb. We exist for expansion.




That is all for today. I am KejRaj!





翻译:Nick Chan




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