What is your favourite tool to move yourself out of resistance?It is very important to develop your go-to strategies to help shift you out of resistance because it is resistance that keeps you out of embracing the flow, the unfoldment, and receiving the love and support of the universe. Any time you are avoiding your own expansion you will experience discomfort.




So what are some ways to help you get back into the flow? You might try an affirmation that is soothing and supports forward movement, such as “God (or whatever being that resonates with you) is guiding me now”or “My forward movement is guided and supported”. “It is safe for me trust in the flow”.




You might simply decide to sit and love the part of you that is resistant until it is feeling better and ready to move. You might deepen your trust and faith through prayer or meditation. You might think back to other times when embracing the flow led you to wonderful results.




You might deliberately practice gratitude because you cannot be grateful and resistant at the same time. You might seek the beauty of nature or spending time in an activity that brings you joy. Dance! Sing! Move your body in ways that feel good. You might find an energetic cleansing helpful, such as immersing yourself in salt water or another healing modality you enjoy. There are so many methods to help you embrace getting back into the flow!




Don’t be afraid to experiment since every person is different.Take notes when you discover something that really helps so you can refer back to them because when you are uncomfortable you tend to forget what you know.




Pay attention to how you are resistant to yourself and replace your negative self talk with encouragement and love. You are at the core of everything so if you are busy rejecting yourself you will not be in a space to receive or move forward in an empowered way.




For every time you think you, or things around you are wrong ask, “What if they aren’t?” “What if they are serving a purpose?” “What if everything is divinely perfect exactly as it is?” “What if there is nothing for me to do but accept this now moment?”Pay attention to what you feel in your heart chakra. As you consider these new ideas you will almost always feel a release within your heart.




Whenever you stop digging your heels in you will feel relief because you will move from contraction to expansion. Ask for guidance. Be willing to be open. Take your surrender one now moment at a time, and know we are only a request away to help lead you through the unknown to where your soul is beckoning you to go. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan


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