Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth and Messenger of the One, Bringer of the News and yes, there are many, many wonderful announcements of the great and positive changes coming shortly.


问候,我挚爱的兄弟姐妹们!我是Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle,大天使,爱的百合,真理的小号,一的信使,消息的带来者,是的,有着许多,许多奇妙的公告,关于巨大积极的改变很快就要到来。


Do you feel my joy and excitement, dear hearts, do you hear the bells and the angelic choir?




I am sure you are because much has shifted and the entire human collective is being uplifted and is on the verge of massive awakening, and that is due to all of the work done by the warriors of peace, the light workers and love holders like you, here in this forum and beyond.




Congratulations! This is a time for celebration, for sending yourselves that love and gratitude that you absolutely deserve. Sit and enjoy this moment of victory, sit with me in this now moment and allow yourselves to be filled to the brim with joy and love, and with deep peace and fortitude.




The times that are to follow will be different in a very good way, making it much easier to navigate, travel, and work on your divine plans and creations. There will more transparency and lightness because your absolute knowing will be guiding you without much interference. Yes, you will still have some challenges to work with, for there will be many souls requiring your assistance and your loving and supportive hand.




Traveling on the new golden grid of love is easy, and for each and every one of you it has become quite clear when your old habits are trying to pull you into that unwanted exit that will take you back to some dead end. Because this is what you have accomplished with that firm intention to be of the greatest service to the Mother, there will be no scenic detours to be taken, but every slip off the new grid, every time your old GPS takes you onto the side roads of the old third dimension, then, very quickly, your trip will come to a stop or at best to a U turn.




But there are these newly awakened ones that will need some tender care, loving and patient support so that they can too come out of the old habitual ways of self imprisonment and defeat. They will be able to see more of the truth, but since this is a free will planet and this fact will not be changing ever, they have the right to choose their own path and pace of alignment with the Divine Truth. Your major challenge will be that you keep your balance and centeredness at all times and then respect the right of others to their free choice without impatience or judgement.




There are many areas that are in great need of your expertise and love holding and transmitting capacity, and you will be directed to where it seems most appropriate to your divine plan and current desires. Some will be making radical changes in where they live and what they choose to do for a living, and for others the work will change in unseen ways. But make no mistake about this, all of you are expanding your areas of care as stewards of the Mother, as the implementers of Her Dream, anchoring Her light and love.




Sweet angels of love, for this is what you all are, regardless of your origins and form. Expect the unexpected! Allow these great changes to come to you and open your mind to all sorts of possible scenarios and when you feel that your heart and your entire being is nudging you in certain direction, when you hear your soul song playing over and over, then please say yes and proceed in trust!




I will be here with thee, holding you in praise, flying with you, filling you up with golden bubbles of joy and determination.




I will be leaving you now with my eternal gratitude and love. Until next time, farewell.




大天使加百利 20171222 向各种可能的情景敞开

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1oq-WN9jRc


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