Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.


We are very pleased to announce that there have been more hybrid children orbiting your planet in ships over these past several months. Some of you who are receiving this transmission right now know that you have hybrid children, and you have been very eager to meet them. They are very eager to meet you as well and to show their love and appreciation for you, as they would not exist without you. They are getting ready to integrate into your society, which puts you one step closer to full and open physical e.t. contact.

我们非常高兴来宣布,有着非常多混血的孩子,在过去的几个月围绕着地球盘旋(在飞船上)。你们一些收到这则传输的人,已经知道你有混血的孩子,你非常渴望见到他们。他们也非常渴望见到你,展示你他们的爱和感激,因为没有你他们就不会存在。他们在准备融入你们的社会,会让你离和 ET 物理公开接触更进一步

The hybrid children are high-vibrational beings, and they, like you, want to help humanity. They want to be of service, and they know they can be of service just by being there and offering that high vibration, effortlessly. For you all it takes a bit more effort to stay in a high vibration, but it certainly is worth it. It is worth your while, and it certainly will expedite the meeting that you want to have with your hybrid children if you hold that higher vibration and focus on what that meeting is going to feel like for you.


We know that so many of you have also expressed a desire for physical e.t. contact, and we know that many of you are ready. You are just waiting for the rest of humankind to be ready for ships to land. Meeting up with hybrid children who have integrated themselves into society is the next best thing, and it is coming. It is something that you’re going to experience. And so, we encourage you to get excited about those meetings. Get excited about meeting these beautiful little souls who love you unconditionally. They love you as higher-vibrational beings only are capable of loving, which is unconditionally.

我们知道你们许多人也渴望物理 ET 接触,我们知道你们许多人已经接触过了。你只是等待着剩下的人类为飞船登陆做好准备。与融入社会的混血孩子见面是下一个很棒的事情,它正在到来。这是你将要体验的东西。所以,我们鼓励你为那些见面兴奋起来。对与无条件爱你的这些美丽的小灵魂见面兴奋起来。他们爱你,因为更高振动的存在只会无条件地爱

And so, you have some appointments to keep, but you still must save yourselves before they can come along and put you in an even higher-vibrational state. You have to be ready for them. You have to be able to handle the energy coming off of them, and that means you must pay attention to how you are feeling and do the work of processing. Do the work of letting go of that which is lower in vibration, that which no longer serves you. Give yourselves an emotional cleanse every single day, and you will be closer every single day to meeting your hybrid children, soon.


We know that is exciting, and we are very happy to give you some good news because we know you need it. We want to assure you that there is more and more good news to come for humanity.


We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.


传导:Daniel Scranton

翻译:Nick Chan




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