Gather your wits about you




There is much going on during this next phase and so it best to be as prepared as you can so the transition goes more smoothly.This could be that ride you have been putting off that pushes you beyond the comfort zone to ensure you take action or an opportunity to go into it more informed so that you can just enjoy the experience and grow beyond in a more comfortable fashion.In other wordsit is going to happen anywayso you might as well look with your eyesmindand heart wide open so that it doesn"t have to be a dreaded roller coaster ride.





You truly do have what it takesfor that it is the only reason you are here right nowdoing thisif only you believe in yourself! Self confidence is the key and you are reminded that you are powerful and you have the grace and the strength needed to overcome any challenges.Get organized and use your logic and a bit of discipline to increase success and see the results of your accomplishments manifesting.





Affirm: "I am ready for this next phase and have the tools and opportunities to move through with grace and compassion."





And so it is





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