The Human evolution is in a stage of developing abilities to change the characteristics of what it means to be human.These are multidimensional changes.Spiritual Ascension is the progression of the human consciousness.Which means...changing the human consciousness from one reality to another,a reality that exists in a higher dimension of time.Sooo,when we change the consciousness of our"physical body"it's called reincarnation.




We've done this many,many times.Many people on Earth who are not awakened at this time are more than likely stuck in some damaged area from a previous timeline where trauma of some kind has conspired.In order for the human race to survive in this new energetic terrain we are being forced to transform our beliefs and are developing new sets of adaptive traits.These traits are reached thru the higher functioning DNA.


我们已经做过很多次了。地球上许多人在这个时候没有被唤醒,他们很可能被困在先前时间线中的某个受损区域,在那里曾经发生过某种创伤。为了让人类在这个新的充满活力的地域中生存,我们被迫改变我们的信仰,并且正在发展新的适应性特征。这些特征是通过高功能的 DNA 来达到的。


You must release the dependency on the old paradigm structure and the illusion of authority!Our species is evolving to the next progression of root race,so that body,in which we'll inhabit,will be a higher dimensional hybrid.😉 Essentially,we are the last generation of people that will have known consciousness slavery and will put an end to it in this lifetime.This will be your new higher self identity.It's time to Wake Up!




These new frequencies will feel very foreign,but distantly familiar and very powerful.Ummm yea!Lol 😝 We are in the stages of changing timelines from one of destruction and authority to a more peaceful and harmonious existence.Remember,where the Earth has been damaged is the location of tremendous amounts of human pain as a result of that trauma it's made for an excellent feeding ground for the negative agenda.Same goes for us humans remember that.😉




Everything is energy.We are a constant flow of frequency bands.Change your frequency and you change your timeline.Lower your frequency you go negative,raise your frequency you go positive.It's all up to you,it's all within you.Don't fight these higher frequencies,it's all part of your evolutionary process...just get your brain out of the way!😊








資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/lingxing/26427.html


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