Dear Ones, your dreams are like the planted seeds of flowers waiting to grow. How do you tend to your dreams? Do you nurture them? Do you give them the right soil, water, and sunlight they need to thrive? If they are not growing have you reevaluated their needs? What shift can you make that would better support their successful germination?


If your heart yearns for something it is completely available to you. You would not have the yearning if it were not so. It is your soul calling you in a certain direction. Have you made it a priority or put it on the back burner? Do you allow doubt to make you inconsistent in the following of your dream?


The pregnant pause many of you are in is giving you the opportunity to move into the clarity of your heart, and from there an entirely new life expression can be born. Are you ready to commit to the unfoldment of your highest life expression? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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