You are in a time where much has been churned up for you to examine and gain clarity. In many ways you are in a phase of preparation. So we ask you this. What do you really want that you don’t prioritize or sabotage?


We wish for you to reexamine all the reasons you don’t move toward your true desires and goals. Do those old excuses really match who you are today? If you are embracing yourself as an empowered creator, are those beliefs still true? What action steps can take you closer to your dream? Or is that dream not a true match to you at all any more? If that is the case, what new dream is in line with who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to experience?


There is great power in taking any kind of action step toward your dreams because as the expression goes, what you talk about is who you want to be, what you do is who you are. Any action you take towards how you truly wish to express yourself is anchoring that energy into your life expression. Your beingness is what creates your reality.


Some dreams haven’t come to fruition because they have been waiting for the energetic support of the times you are in right now. Reevaluating and releasing your old belief systems about blockages and obstacles can be incredibly freeing and set you off in a brand new direction.


Is it time for you to stop talking about your dreams and start anchoring them into your reality based on the energy of today? Gather up all the aspects of yourself that have been behaving contrary to those desires and ask them what they need from you in order to cooperate and move forward in a cohesive way.


Your action steps do not need to be grandiose, in fact, the greatest changes come from the accumulation of small consistent efforts that are made one now moment at a time and match your highest intentions. The time is ripe for using your awareness and wisdom to prepare you to ride the wave of forward movement that is sure to come after any period of lull and will propel you into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



翻译:Nick Chan





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