There is one thing we may not have made clear enough in the two re-posts that we brought to your attention last week. And that is that every one of you has a council. Let us explain.




The councils we are referring to are made up of guides, teachers, and higher beings, angels for instance, and they are never adjourned. The make-up of the group may change somewhat, but whatever is needed is always and ever available, whether you are incarnate or not. Each of you has your council available to you. One difference that will occur is that your own being, in its higher vibrational states, sits on your council. That does not preclude that being from contributing elsewhere.




The rule is that what you need to have access to in order to complete the tasks you have set for yourselves is always available no matter where it may come from.




At this time on your planet, you have arrived to set things back onto the trajectory that was never intended to be interrupted. You have taken quite a long time to reach this point. You almost needed another intervention and re-start. But you have succeeded in passing that with your amazing surge in evolution. You have now gotten your world back into its awesome potential.




We never would intentionally discount the efforts that you have made and are even now making, but be aware that your own light, lifting the common light as you join with all the others of you, is most potent in lifting the field. Never discount yourselves.




It was always necessary that the collective change itself from within. That is why you are there. That is what you have done. Yes, there is other help being given. There will continue to be. But it will always be known who began this and how. Be individually humble of who you are. But you may certainly be collectively proud of what you are accomplishing.




The rate of change is increasing incrementally. This is intentional. Be prepared to help each other as you see the need. Some may be adversely affected as dark comes to light.




Let your glow show! Good day.




通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan



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