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I come on the wings of love! There have been many cosmic alignments taking place recently. When these take place in the heavens, it tends to bring openings within many individuals of thoughts and feelings that they never consciously knew they harboured within them. These are from the soul level, for one’s soul is the one within every Earth experience we, as individuals, have ever encountered and so it is our soul who carries these impressions from lifetime to lifetime. It is during such cosmic alignments that there is this opportunity for release of unconscious thoughts and behaviours which our soul carries from many lifetimes in order to be free of them.


我驾着爱的翅膀而来!最近发生了许多宇宙的对齐事件。当这些对齐在天空发生,它倾向于开启许多人从未有意识地知晓他们内在持有的想法和感受。它们来自灵魂层面,因为一个人的灵魂在每一个地球体验中、我们作为个体的每一个遭遇中,所以我们的灵魂一生又一生地携带着这些印记。在这样的宇宙对齐期间,有着释放无意识的想法和习性的机遇 --- 我们的灵魂从许多生世带来的,以便自由于它们


As these become activated by the cosmic alignments that have taken place and they come to the surface of our awareness, it is important and appropriate to acknowledge ones soul’s courage, loyalty and tenacity in being willing to facilitate the awakening of the experiences of repressed thoughts and feelings that are coming into expression from within so that the individual can release them from their consciousness and claim their freedom as they move forward in their ongoing spiritual evolution in this time of spiritual ascension of the planet and her inhabitants.




It is important for each individual experiencing these cleansings to claim these thoughts and feelings as a valid part of their own growth on their spiritual journey. Once this process takes place and acknowledgement given, set the intention that all that has just been released from within be replaced by the clear Light of God, which is the most refined Light of God. This Light is the highest Light that humanity can go into in their physical bodies and become all of God.


很重要,每个个体去体验这些清理,去宣称这些想法和感受是他们精神成长有效的一部分。一旦这个进程发生并被认识到,发出意图 --- 所有从内在释放的会被神清晰的光替代。这个光是人类在物理身体中可以承受的最高的光并成为神的一切


When one habitually replaces repressed energies and negative self defeating thoughts from within the cells of their physical body and their auric field with the clear Light of God, one contributes to the maintenance of a healthy auric field of energy surrounding and extending out from the body one to three feet in all directions, leaving them feeling healthy, self-confident, calm, and grounded. One’s clean and healthy auric field serves as a positive protection field between them and the energy of others and their environment.


当一个人习惯性地用神清晰的光替换他们物理身体细胞和金场中被压抑的能量和负面的自我打击的想法,这个人会帮助维护围绕自身的三英尺大小的能量金场的健康,会让他们感到健康、自信、平静、脚踏实地。一个人干净、健康的金场会作为他与别人 / 环境之间的一个积极的保护场域服务。





A grounded, cleansed aura puts people and situations at a healthy distance from the individual allowing them less power to unbalance ones auric field. With a grounded, healthy aura, the individual will feel safer and more secure and any intrusions into their system will be intercepted at the outer edge of their auric field and grounded out of their personal field and down into the Earth for transmutation. With daily practice and intention, this will become an automatic process that occurs. During these times of mass cleansings and purgings, this becomes an important priority for each Lightworker to be cognizant of to keep them firmly on their spiritual path of ascension.




Until next month…




I AM Hilarion


我是 Hilarion


通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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