Shelley’s note: Today’s message came back into my awareness thanks to Miranda Sparks-Nieves sharing it on facebook. I have no idea the date we originally posted it, but I think it answers a question many of us ponder on our journey, and it felt very pertinent to the energies today. Sometimes Gabriel’s messages seem to have a life of their own and seem to pop up in the perfect timing. :)


管道备注:今天的信息多亏了Miranda Sparks-Nieves在脸书上分享了它,从而让我再次意识到它。我不记得原先的发布日期,但我认为它回答了许多人沉思的一个问题,它感觉起来与今天的能量非常相关。有时候加百利的信息看似有着自己的生命,会在完美的时机出现:)


Many of you wonder what your enlightenment process means for your current relationships. Can you have a relationship with someone who is not spiritually awakening?




We liken this scenario to being on a highway, which could be considered your soul path. The person who is embracing their spiritual awakening seems like they are in a race car, while the one who is not may seem like they are walking down the side of the road. What we wish for you to understand is that both are in forward movement and one is not necessarily better than the other.




You see, there are many who do not have conscious spiritual awakening on their “to do” list for this incarnation. They may have focused on spirituality for many lifetimes and are wishing to take a break this time around. They may be fine-tuning other parts of the human experience and have come in service to you, to create the stability, resources and time you need to have the freedom to embrace your own enlightenment.




This role would be just as sacred as the role of spiritual seeker. Often times this can be much like the passing of a baton between two souls, with you taking turns being seeker and supporter in different lifetimes, but make no mistake about it – both roles are equally honoured and sacred, even if the supporter displays no interest in the spiritual process whatsoever.




Know that you are all masters, perfectly playing out exactly what you wish to experience in your life expressions. You will find much more comfort with your interactions with others if you can respect their own ability to direct their path exactly as they need, and that all of you are moving forward in one way or another, and serving each other, in a way that is always divinely perfect. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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