[A sannyas couple say they run a school in the West: We teach 'psychic opening'. We teach people to perceive their energy and other persons' energy, their auras; and we teach psychic reading.]






That's good. If you are working on psychic energy it is always good to work as a couple.




Man is half, woman is half. Energy is complete when you work as a couple. The circle is complete and more possibilities will be there.




Alone, there will not be so many possibilities and alone you will soon start feeling exhausted. If man and woman are together they can go on working and they can go on creating as much energy as is needed. There will be no exertion, they will not be tired, because the woman goes on rejuvenating the man and the man goes on rejuvenating the woman. But man working alone is half and he is missing the source from where he can be rejuvenated.




He will feel tired, and psychic work is dangerous if you start feeling tired, are tired, because then rather than helping others, you may be harmed by others. A person who is working on the lines of psychic energy has to be so full of energy that nothing can come to him from the people with whom he is working. Otherwise in that moment you are vulnerable, so diseases can travel easily towards you, madness can travel easily towards you.




Then they become placeboes. People are still helped through just the belief now, not the energy. But that cannot last forever; sooner or later they are a failure. And the moment they fail, the moment they start feeling failure settling, then comes the shattering of their being. They die very badly.




And so is the case with wrestlers: they die very badly because they exerted their body too much. They did something inhuman to their body: they strained the muscles to their very extreme; then one day or other you have to pay for it.




It is very good to work as a couple, and it will be even more helpful if two couples can work together. To work as a group is even more helpful, because then you have more and more energy. And much will happen out of sannyas, mm? -- I will become part of your healing processes.







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