Greetings dearest ones! I AM Archangel Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light of Truth, Bringer of the Future, your brother, close friend, and companion. I come today to speak to you about life and particularly about your life, for you are asking and want to know how things work in your life, and who you are?




You want to see in detail, to the smallest particle of yourself, and you want to know and see the vastness of the being that you are. You are asking how are universes held together and how are you – in your smallest cell – able to function as being separate as an individual, while at the same time being part of everything and All?




You see, you are born from the Divine Mother, you have been created by the Source in the image and the beauty of the Mother/Father/One as a unique expression of love; some of you with more accentuated facets of the love and some of you as a global totality and essence of love. There is nothing else that the Mother can bring forth, but this purity of Her heart that is then shaped and molded into you – that pure and unique you. You then have infinite possible ways to express that specific essence of love which is encoded in your DNA, and in every small particle of your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and energetic.




And this is what you are doing in every realm and reality, in every dimension and timeline, living and experimenting with love, and sometimes with the opposite of love and with degrees of lack thereof. And every single time you do so, you expand and deepen your understanding about life, because life is love that is lived and experienced and not just a feeling.




But even though you are pretending to be separated and disconnected from the Source and from All, you are very much aware that you cannot exist and function without being connected and interwoven with others and with everything.




So, you can dive into the smallest part of your beingness and find and feel the complexity and the awe of a universe of love, or you can rise above all that you are, the magnificence of the infinite self and see the simplicity of all that you are – pure love – expressed beautifully as You, connected with All that there is!




I invite you to explore and have fun with me, dearest ones. Let’s use the Silver Flame and travel through timelines, and through every part of who you are, with joy and laughter!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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