Greetings! I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, I AM Archangel Gabrielle, Lily of the Truth, Messenger of the One, in service to the Mother and to you all. And I come to you today to congratulate you for your fortitude and for your trust in your guidance, in your knowing, and in following your divine plan, step by step.




Yes, I have called on you…do not undermine or doubt this truth! I have whispered in your ear and placed golden words of love in your hearts, for I have come to remind you that you were chosen a long time ago. Nevertheless, you have been hand-picked by the Mother for your strength, for your capacity to shine the purest light into the darkest places, and for your unwavering faith in the power of love.


是的,我呼唤了你 ... 不要去破坏或怀疑这个真理!我在你的耳中低语,把金色的爱之话语放入你的心,因为我前来提醒你,很久前你就被选择。不管怎样,你因你的力量,你能够在最黑暗的地方闪耀出最纯净的光以及对爱之力量坚定的信念被母亲亲手挑选


All of you here have talents and abilities to bring the brightest light into every corner of the universe. Each and every one of you has this enormous capacity to wander off into the farthest places from the Source, away from the Mother’s womb, and to never, ever, forget your precious missions, and to remember the straight paths and the ways back home.




Take a deep golden breath, a breath of this joyful and uplifting pure gold of love and truth, and then sit with it and let it remind you clearly – in the tiniest detail – of your purpose and of how you have promised to assist your sweet selves, your soul family, the rest of humanity, and all creation on planet Gaia.


深吸一口金色的气息,一个喜悦的、振奋人心的纯净的金色的爱与真理的气息,然后与它同在,让它明确地提醒你 --- 在最微小的细节 --- 你的使命和你如何许诺去协助你甜蜜的自我、你的灵魂家人、其他的人类、所有盖亚上的造物


You may be a channel of love, a messenger of heaven, you may be a healer or a protector, you may be teacher or a bringer of justice, or you might be a blend of all, working with every facet of love, and bringing the Mother/Father/One to all in need. Regardless of how you decided to do it, now is the time to step fully into your Divine Authority and into your divine purpose. It is the clarion call I am placing here to all of the ascended ones, to let go of earthly distractions, and to step forward in their roles as the beings of love and light that they truly are!


你可以是一个爱的导管,一个天堂的信使,你可以是一个疗愈师或保护者,你可以是老师或正义的带来者,或者你可以是这一切,与爱的每一个面向合作,把母亲 / 父亲 / 一带给所有需要的人。不管你决定如何去做,现在是时候去完全步入你神圣的权威,你神圣的目标。这是我在这里发出的感人号召,对所有扬升之人,去放下尘世的分心,作为你们真正所是的爱与光存在向前一步


At this time of chaos and rapid changes, you are sorely needed to maintain an uplifted stance, a bubbly, happy attitude, and a reassuring and smiling face, while you share your wisdom with all in need. No, you are not to minimize and ignore the challenges and the pain caused by clinging to the old paradigm, but to calmly assess every situation and then to gently let go of the culprit, or whatever might be attempting to cause suffering.




Others will just follow your example and the golden and bright path that you are forging in this way because you are going to make it fun and easy for yourselves, and for everyone else…just as you have promised.


其他人会跟随你的榜样和你在这样的方式中锻造的金色、明亮的道路,因为你会使它变得有趣和轻松,对你以及每个人来说 ... 如你许诺的那般


I am leaving you with my golden love, with my clarity, and my sweet embrace! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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