Dear Ones, your holidays can magnify ways that you are out of balance with your giving or receiving. So we say to you, give with your whole heart. Receive with your whole heart. Make your giving a pure expression of self with no expectations, and allow others to give to you in the same way. Any gift or gesture, no matter how small, if given from the heart, is divinely infused.




If you start to feel overwhelmed or resentful, it is a sure indicator that you have gone in a direction that is more than what you are comfortable with. Re-adjust back into a better space of balance, or, if you decide to keep on going the same way understand that from that point forward it is your choice not your obligation. By doing so, your giving will always feel good and you will become a safe person to receive from, and that is exactly what will keep the joy and appreciation in your holiday season. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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