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Lord Sananda

To Begin Monday, December 4, 2017

三位一体冥想 No. 783





Greetings, my bright and beautiful Eagles! I am Sananda and it is my joy to connect with you again in this way. You have done a lot of energy sending lately and many of you are feeling a little depleted, shall we say, so I am here to remedy that.



As you know, your month of December each year is one of high energetics. You have much energy coming onto the planet as well as much energy generated upon the planet itself. So I am going to prepare you to meet these energies head on through the rising of and replenishing of your own energies. You cannot send what you, yourself, do not contain. So let’s raise your vibration in the easiest way possible…through laughter!



For your next assignment you are not being asked to send energy, you are being asked to raise your own energy through the medium of laughter. So we are asking you to use your fifteen minutes of meditation time to do whatever it takes to sustain your laughter. You have thousands of videos on your internet that are made for this purpose.



Now, there are a couple of requirements for this assignment to be most effective. First, even though you are not in ‘meditation’, per se, you eliminate sources of interruption, such as your cell phones. Secondly, sequester yourself as much as possible, away from others who might try to interact with you during your fifteen minutes.



Easy, yes? I have heard so many of you say you are unable to quiet your mind enough to meditate. Well, for your next week, you don’t have to! Instead, you are asked to let your mind become as a little child once again; watch the funny animal videos, perhaps, and let the laughter pour forth from your being.



Now, it matters not if you watch the same videos every day or if you pick a new way of, shall we say, tickling your funny bone. The intent is to laugh for fifteen minutes and, thus, raise your vibrational frequency. Bring out that joke book you never got around to reading! Whatever it takes to make you laugh.



OK, my beautiful Eagles, that is your assignment for the week. Laugh, love, and refresh yourselves for the coming December energies. And always remember: I walk and laugh beside you! I AM Sananda. Shalom!

好的,我美丽的鹰们,这就是下周的任务。笑、爱, 刷新自己迎接12月份的能量。永远记得:我与你们一起同行一起笑!我是撒南达,真主!





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