原创 2017-10-07 米拉 新纪元扬升之光

Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner, October 3, 2017




Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian HighCouncil. I speak with you today as a busy member of the Earth Council. We havethe honor of overseeing what is occurring on the earth and monitoring variousconditions where extra assistance is needed. If you can imagine that you are amicrocosm of the macrocosm, you might get a sense of our awareness of the chaoson the earth and around the earth at this time.




It couldappear that things are out of control. In the true sense of the situation the lightis unraveling the third dimension and transfiguring the darkness under whichyou have lived for too long. The dark is trying their best to worsen the chaos,fear, and horrific conditions which they have created and perpetuated. We askour ground crew to please do your best to rise above these energies.





Staying away from the mainstream media, as youlikely know, is one of the best ways to rise above what is going on. We hopethat you understand that you are being given every bit of assistance that you needto do your jobs and to rise into higher consciousness. We do a lot in yourdream state while you work with us too.




The Light Alliance and Galactic Alliance are infull combat mode protecting you, the earth, and all who are aligned with loveand light. Those of a different consciousness are also being loved, counseled,and given direction for their life paths. There is no judgment butcompassionate concern and support. It is not that we condone their darkness ormisbehaviors, because we do not. We just want to see each soul where they needto be on their path.




As you know, the earth is a pivotal planet forall of creation to go through their Ascension. What happens on the earth isgiven full focus. We want to remind you of the importance of your work. Do notthink for a second that your thoughts, deeds, love, and healing have littleimportance. We ask you to please continue to participate by clearing your ownlingering issues, and by being as kind and loving to others as much aspossible. From this behavior miracles can be achieved. You are living in thetime of the light and profound miracles. Happiness and joy, abundance and love,will be how you will be spending your time in the higher dimensions.




Pay little attention to the illusions that areslipping away rapidly. Before your eyes you will marvel at what is disappearingin the third dimensional world. That world is what you call no longerapplicable. You will be living by universal law, and co-creating with PrimeSource. Much of the material world’s definition of normality will becomeoutmoded. This is because the 3rd dimension is not serving all of the people.You will find service to others the rule of the day. Service to self is beingrevealed. As a part of the increased transparency, you might find that some whohave purported to be lightworkers could be fake. Everything is coming out intothe open. You might be surprised.




We have also been assisting those who are deeplyaffected by the major earth changes on the planet along with those involved withother crises. Each person is loved and being helped in ways you can’t imagine.It is time for all to come together. We stand with you in love and peace.




I am Mira.







音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWwKG0PntO8


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