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Dear Ones, as you move forward energetically and start to navigate as pioneers in brand new energies, we cannot stress the importance of surrendered intention as your new navigational tool. You do not need to know all the details of how things come together, for creating in the new is not done by the mind, it is led by the soul. All you need to know is what you wish to experience next, how you wish to e·xp·ress yourself, and what will bring you joy.





As empowered co-creators, all you must do is choose your intention and then surrender into allowing your highest self and Source energy to lead you to that experience. It is an entirely different way of navigating than most of you are used to, but once you start to play with it you will find that it allows you to move into your highest e·xp·ressions of self far faster and more efficiently than ever before. We urge you to give yourself permission to start to experiment with this and have fun as you play in the realm of experience. ~Archangel Gabriel





翻译:Nick Chan


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