Dear Ones,




Do you feel lonely, hurt, or angry? Such is so because you are saying goodbye to your global 3D victimization and caretaking roles.


你是否感到孤独、受伤或愤怒?这是因为你在对你总体的 3D 受害者和受照顾者的角色说再见


You counter that you have already said goodbye to both. So you have in your personal life, but not the earth community as a whole. Your fury of the past few days has been about discovering you no longer need to follow global have tos. That you are a sovereign being without a need to do as those you label leaders dictate.




Such bravery is frightening for it has been eons since you declared or even thought of yourself as a sovereign being while of the earth.




You are stepping into new and frightening territory. Who will tell you if you are right or wrong? That is the crux of your current anger, fear, and hurt feelings as you realize that “the king and/or queen wears no clothes.”




You have already noted so in your immediate family and community, but you had hoped – most likely hidden from yourself – that someone would rescue you, that someone would tell you and others what to do and when. You are instead discovering that the world leaders you depend upon are failing or losing their ability to lead.


你已经在自己的直系亲属和社区中注意到了这一点,但你希望 --- 很有可能会向自己隐藏 --- 有人会来拯救你,有人会来告诉你或别人该怎么做以及什么时候去做。相反,你在发现你依靠的世界领袖在失败或失去他们领导的能力


Of course, you are frightened for that means there is no one but you to follow. The big picture of global security or knowingness no longer exists. There is just you. A frightening thought indeed. A bit as if your parents abandoned you before you believed you were prepared to live on your own.




These political, governmental, security issues are pushing your buttons in ways you did not envision when you first declared your sovereignty. For you believed such meant you would be a unique individual under the caring umbrella of a wonderful world leader.




You are not sovereign if anyone is telling you how to live. The enormity of that statement is quite frightening for you have no idea how to live without overriding rules and have tos. Who will set up the legal, political systems or any systems? Who will tell you what to do?


如果任何人告诉你如何去生活, 你就不是主权的存在了。这句话的严重性相当令人畏惧,因为你根本不知道如何不带高于一切的规则和必须条款生活。谁来设定法律、政治体系或任何系统?谁来告诉你去做什么?


You cannot yet envision a time in which rules are not required for you have never been on earth without rules and leaders.




You accept that once you transition from earth, you are free to function in any dimension or environment you wish, yet you cannot envision that same freedom while of the earth.




So it is you are frightened and worried that you will not fulfill your dreams of a unique path. For your unique path was conceived of by your earth being as a path within the guidelines of some outside force informing you of your rightness or more to the point, that others were right or wrong. That you had the freedom to explore your path because someone outside of you was taking care of the rest of the world.




Such is not to be. You are your keeper. Not your brother or sister’s keeper, you are your own keeper as is everyone. And even though you cannot yet imagine how earth without world leaders will function such is your drive.




Just as when you initiated your transition months, years or decades ago, you could not understand how you would evolve, that the you of now would exist. So it is now. Those who wish to heal the environment will do so. Those who wish to be part of any other function or department of global maintenance will.




Earth governments are rapidly evolving from country needs to Universal cooperation. A cooperation difficult to describe at this point but something fully and wonderfully workable, allowing each earth being to be part of those elements most interesting – and therefore, most joyful – for him or her.


地球的政府在快速地从国家的需求发展到普遍的合作。一个在这个点还难以描述的合作,但是完全和充分可行的,让每个地球存在成为那些最有意思的元素的一部分 --- 从而,最令人愉悦的 --- 对他或她来说


New Earth is not about being better than another country or area, but instead playing together as one in peace and yes, joy.




What gives you joy is your road to happiness and peace. As is true for all who wish to be of New Earth.




Fear is no longer the overriding element of security. Nor is the joy that your country (team) is the best. For best is now defined by uniqueness, peace, and joy instead of competition.




A difficult concept to understand unless you are enmeshed in it. Just as was true before you actualized personal freedom.




Many wonder how much emotional pain is required to clear the control of leaders. Even though there will be some pain as is true of any change, the overriding relief will counter any pain you might feel.




If you are among the early forerunners who have transitioned for decades, you perhaps wonder if you will be of the earth in this lifetime when such happens. Most likely you will, for all who transition become less fearful, creating less harmful activity within their cells.




For eons, your cells have performed miracles in continuing your being despite ongoing ravages of fear which is little different from cancer or similar illnesses. As those fears dissipate so will the need for your cells to continuously scrub themselves clean of debris. Aging is more about your cells being coated in fear and anger, then the inevitability of aging as you now believe.


因为恒久以来,你的细胞奇迹般地运转着你的存在,尽管有着不间断的恐惧肆虐 --- 类似于癌症或之类的疾病。随着那些恐惧消散,你的细胞不断地清理残渣的需求也会消散。老化更多的是关于你的细胞被恐惧和愤怒覆盖,然后就成了你相信的老化必然性


But aging is a topic for later discussions. Suffice it for you to know that the world governments you now depend on to lead your life are disappearing one by one – more rapidly than you can now conceive.


不过老化是以后讨论的话题。去知晓你所依靠的世界政府在一个接一个地消失 --- 比你现在可以想象的更加快速


For it is time for the unique being you are to shine your light of freedom brightly. So be it. Amen.




翻译:Nick Chan




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