Dear Oneswhen you are wishing to manifest somethingit is important that the essence of what you want creates a good feeling for youin order for you to be fully accepting of it.Let us give you an example.


If you are having difficulty with moneyask yourself how you really feel about money.Perhaps you feel the energy of money is cold and impersonal.It will be very hard for you to draw to you anything that you feel resistance to.Feel deeper into what it is you wish to create.Perhaps wealth is a better word for you.Maybe it is comfort and ease you wish to create.By focusing on the true essence of what it is you are trying to achieveyou will have a much easier and enjoyable time with the creation of it.


If you are wishing to have a love relationship but equate love with hurtyou will have a difficult time being successful because you will be trying to draw to you something you are resistant to.Perhaps you could replace the word love with joyful connection.Maybe companionship is a word you would feel more positive about.Maybe partneror soul mateor divine otheror beloved will better capture the essence of what is desired.


While you are trying on words and really paying attention to how you feelnot only can you identify what it is you desireyou can also become aware of what is ready for release by your energetic reaction to certain words.This can be a very helpful process to help you gain clarity and awareness about your feelings on certain topics and alert you to what areas are looking for some tenderlovingself-care from youwhich can only further assist you in creating what it is you desire.Simply putresistance is what puts the brakes on your flow.


So find the essence you can embrace fullyDear Onesand start to have fun with your creations.There is no right or wrongthere is just preference and whatever you feel wide open to is the place to start.~Archangel Gabriel




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