The time is ripe




The moment is now.Act upon those thoughts and feelings that have been playing in your heart and your mind for a while now and trust that divine timing has arrived.Oftentimes procrastination is used as a tactic by the ego because a part of you is afraid that change will shake up your world in such a way that you do not take the chance to see what beauty might be right in front of you.At the same time your heart is longing for those changes and so you say "When the time is right I will act."




Do not wait for the clock to chime its bewitching hour.Act now for there is much that you want to do.Transform this energy into a determination to become all that you can be and let your every thought feeling and thinking be focused on this new reality you are creating for yourself and all life.Stop waiting for the right time for it has arrived and now is the time for action to take place.




The mantra for today is"My time has come! The time to act is now and I am ready to embrace this new consciousness and incorporate this new energy into my life."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides




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